#1 PMP Certification Bible – Top 25+ Qs About PMP(r), [2022 Updated]

Resit is the founder and CEO of Master of Project Academy. Since 2012, I have been teaching PMP certification courses and helping PMP exam candidates to prepare for the exam. After helping over 200,000 professionals get their certifications, with a 99.6% pass rate on their first attempt, Master of Project Academy, I decided to create this PMP certification bible. This resource was called the “PMP Certification bible” – why?
Content from the PMP Certification Bible
What is PMP Certification?
What are the benefits to PMP Certification?
What are the PMP Certification Requirements
What is the PMP Exam Structure
What is the PMP Exam Passing Score?
How do I apply for PMP certification?
How do I pass the PMP Application Audit?
What is the cost of PMP Certification?
How should I study for the PMP Certification Exam
What is the PMP Exam Schedule? When is the next PMP exam?
Can I prepare for PMP certification online?
What is the best way for you to study for the PMP Exam?
How do I choose my PMP certification training?
Do I need to read PMBOK during my PMP Certification study
Do I need to follow a PMP Book for my PMP Study?
Do I need to use the PMP Rita Book?
What are the PMP and PMBOK Knowledge Areas
What are the PMP Exam Sample Questions?
Do I need a PMP Question Bank to answer my questions?
How do I use PMP cheat sheets?
What are the PMP Formulas and Earned Valu Formulas for PMP Exams?
How much can a project manager make?
How much can a PMP Certification holder earn?
What are the PMP Exam Updates?
How do I renew my PMP Certification?
What are the PMP Certification PDU requirements?
How do I earn PMP PDUs?
How do I earn free PMP PDUs
How do I earn PDUs through PMP PDU Courses
Let’s take a look at each point one-by-one!
This bible will cover everything you need to know about PMP certification, starting with “What PMP certification means”. We were inspired by the 25+ most common questions from PMP certification aspirants via our customer support channels. You will learn a lot, and we will answer all your questions about PMP certification in this article.
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What is PMP Certification?
The PMP certification will be my first topic. PMP stands for Project Management Professional. PMI Institute offers PMP certification to professionals who meet the PMP eligibility requirements and then pass the PMP certification examination.
Five volunteers working in project management founded PMI (Project Management Institute) in 1969 in Pennsylvania, USA. It took 14 years for them to organize their first symposium, which was held in 1983 in Atlanta, Georgia. The first symposium of PMI was attended by 83 professionals.

The PMI institute was established to help project managers around the globe learn a common language. This was possible by conducting a certification exam, and instructing candidates on a common ground in project management language.
The first PMP certification exam took place at PMI 84 in Philadelphia on October 6, 1984. 43 people passed the exam and became the first Project Management Professionals.