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Shortlist of the Best Approval Workflow
Here’s a list of the top approval workflow software I’ll be covering in this article. Approval forms, boards and other tools that will help you manage your project.

Kissflow Workflow product for business processes and approvals

Admation Customized approval paths for your marketing workflow.

Process Street Approval Builder to map your project-related activities.

Gain approval for marketing workflows with collaboration options.

Screendragon Create workflows and customize templates with minimal code

Tallyfy Process automation is for experienced workflow builders.

Intelligencebank DAM and marketing operations platform with approvals that guarantee brand compliance

Wrike Project management software that integrates approval automations to meet your deadlines.

Smartsheet Approval automation capabilities, with external user support.

Brian Tracey, a Canadian-American self-development author, once stated that “Every minute you invest in planning saves 10 minutes in execution.” This quote rings true in the context project management approval workflows.
How many times have you had to reschedule your project because of a pending approval. We are project managers responsible for many activities. Task management, resource planning and scopes of work are all part of our responsibility. Time management and approvals are also important.
Although approvals might not be the first thing we think of when planning, it is definitely one that can put a strain on our timeframes. Sometimes tasks in our plan have dependencies on other tasks. We can get stuck if we don’t get approval.
Comparison Criteria
What should I look for in an approval workflow software selection? Here is a summary of my evaluation criteria.
Built-in functionality: I will check if the tools in this overview offer an “native” approval function or if they have a feature I can use to adapt it to my workflow to handle approvals.
Integrations: I search for other software that can be connected to. We can import functionality from another software even if our tool isn’t the best.
Customization: I would like to know if the approval functionality is adaptable to any workflow.
Approval Workflow Software Key Features
Friendly user interface (UI): I want to be able to see who approves, what they are responsible for and the status of my approval.
Automation: I am looking for automated ways to approve this application. It is important to reduce manual error. It could be an automatic assignment of task to the approver when it’s necessary or an email notification to stakeholders when approval is required.
External collaboration: The ability for third parties to receive notifications about the software. This feature will allow us to get client approvals and other external stakeholders as we go along.
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Overview of the 10 Best Approval Workflow Systems
Below is a brief description of each approval tool, along with some notable features and screenshots, to give an overview of the user interface.
Approval forms and boards that will help you manage your project.
Approval board from with an approver column and approval status column. is a robust platform with tons of features, products, and functionality that can solve almost any problem you may have with your projects. Approvals are not an exception. The software offers forms, automations and approval status fields. We also have independent views that we can create for approvers.
Not for dedicated approval