10 Smart Tips for Project Management Success

Guest Post by Leam H.
When I’m job searching, I follow my own advice. I am currently trying to switch jobs, careers, or locations. Oddly, I was accused by someone of calling them a “Welfare ****”” when I gave my advice. The individual seemed to believe that her experience and age were beyond the scope of these recommendations. Her mind didn’t seem to be changed by the fact that I was older and had more experience.
Know that books are far more effective than webinars, seminars, and any other talking head I have ever met. While there are many great speakers and videos, they are only introductions to the book for me.
Nevertheless, I’m following this advice.
1.?Integrate the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. It is important to start with the end in your mind.
2.?Some recent version by Richard Bolles of “What colour is your parachute?” You can look at transferable skills as an alternative to being stuck in a rut.
3.?Prayer, Introspection. God can speak to me if I just shut up and listen.
4.?Find supporting, positive, people. I have a network of former co-workers and friends that I can call for support when I am struggling to find a job.
5.?Recommend people to?LinkedIn. Don’t be shy about asking for recommendations. Sometimes I feel really down and I reread the positive comments of others about my contribution to society.
6.?Live a full life. Have a hobby or another distraction. The book “Flow” is available at the bookstore. It’s a good book. The short version is that we feel most joyful when we do something that challenges us just a little. If you have the money, buy the book.
7.?Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters?website. Although I’m not convinced, they have some great ideas. You can also download the CD free of charge. I also have the book version of “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters”, which you can download here.
8.?Help others. This is just one idea from GM4JH. You can skip the networking event and instead write a tutorial or code that solves a problem. Share the tutorial or code.
9.?Once you have your web presence/portfolio/resume on line, go read blogs on topics you are passionate about. Comment constructively. “Way cool!” Does not count. It could be something like, “This works well for the Aqueduct project. Thank you So and So, for your thoughts. Have you ever tried this with XYZ? Your web presence should be positive, professional, and helpful.
10.? Josh Kauffman’s “The Personal MBA” is for you if you are a geek. He makes business seem simple and explains how to get your geek ideas accepted into business. Josh has experienced some personal setbacks from wildfires in the west.
Bonus Tip: Avoid processed sugar. Depression is often associated with job searches. Processed sugar can make the condition worse.
Double Bonus Tip:?Accept being loved. You can be made to doubt your worth and your self-image by looking for work. Your heart can be kept healthy by a supportive spouse and a loyal dog (or two).

[ Josh: Let’s make it up for Leam everybody, leave a comment for him to say thanks for sharing this!