10 Ways to Get PMP Renewal PDUs in 2022 – All Options to Earn PMP PDUs

Are you looking for information about PMP Renewal PDU You are proud to be a PMP and are happy with the benefits that the certification brings. Maybe you are a manager looking to find corporate training trends for employees with the PMP credential. Did you know that every person should start looking at the PMP renewal PDU in order to keep their certification current?
What? I didn’t know I had to renew my PMP certificate. This seemed like a certification for the rest of my life. Let me tell you briefly about the PMP renewal if this is your reaction.
Important: Many people mistakenly confuse the contact hours you need to sit for the PMP exam with the PDU hours you need to renew your PMP certificate. You can also read our free PMP PDU article if you have any questions.
What is PMP Renewal?
First, I want to assure you that you don’t have to go through the PMP certification all over again. How do I renew? Why does PMI require renewal?
Why PMP Renewal is Important
You may have heard that the PMP certification exam assesses both theory and application of project management. This certification is designed to ensure that you can practice project management at the pace required by the industry. You must keep up with industry trends and best practices. To stay on top of the changes, you must continually improve your project management skills, knowledge, and capabilities.
Don’t let your hard-earned certification go unused. You need PMP renewal PDU to keep your certification current so you can continue to receive the PMP benefits and are positioned for career growth.

What PMI Certifications Must Be Renewed?
You may think this renewal is only for PMP. This is a standard for all PMI credentials. PMI requires that you report your Professional Development Units as part of the Continuing Certification requirements (CCR). CCR defines the PMP renewal PDU activities. We will now look at the PMP renewal PDU to better understand them.
PMP Renewal PDU – Why do you need PDUs
We have already discussed the necessity of renewing your credential. Let’s dig deeper to understand the importance of PMP renewal PDU. What is the difference in the PMP PDU and the PDU I received while preparing for PMP Certification?
The 35 PDU you earned were invaluable in helping you prepare for the PMP certification exam. It gave you a foundation or basic knowledge of project management. The PMBOK pdf was your ultimate guide.
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PMP renewal PDU is what it takes to keep up with the latest changes in project management. You now know why PMP certification matters! Are you proud to be a PMP? To continue to be a highly sought-after professional in project management, you must also understand the PMP renewal PDU requirements.
PMP Renewal PDUs: How many PDUs are you going to need?
60 PDUs must be added to your kitty within three years of the date that you become a PMP. It is important that you begin planning for your PMP renewal PDU as soon as you become a PMP. You may have performed some activities that could be eligible for PDU. If you are a PMP, you will need 60 PDUs by the 2nd November 2017.
How do you get PMP Renewal PDU?
There are many ways to earn your PMP Renewal PDU. Let’s look at the different options and how to report them. PMI has created Continuing Certification Requirements to ensure you receive a holistic learning experience. There are several categories in the CCR that you can use to earn your PMP Renewal Points of Development. The categories are divided into two main areas: Education, where you can learn and Giving Back, where you can help others learn. Learn more at PMP PDU requirements