100 % Free PMI ACP Sample Exam Questions 2022 Answers & Rationales

You have decided to obtain PMI ACP certification. This will make you a shining asset on your resume. You’re in the right place! Before you take the exam, make sure you have practiced enough PMI ACP sample questions.
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You must practice as many PMI ACP exam questions as you can before sitting for the PMI ACP certification exam. This is a good rule of thumb for all exams. You can sharpen your skills by practicing more.
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These 20 PMI ACP Sample Exam Questions & Answers are 100% free for you. These PMI ACP practice exams will help you assess your readiness to take the PMI ACP exam.
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1. Sample Questions
Which of these Core Practices of Kanban are they?
A. A.
B. B.
C. Limit WIP, Use models to suggest improvement, Prioritize Business Value
D. Visualize and Define the Workflow, Make Process Policies Explicit, Simple
Answer: A. Answer: A. Answer B: Self-organizing is a key focus in Scrum. Answer C Prioritize Business Value is an Agile philosophy. Answer D: Simplicity is an XP Core Value.

#2 Sample Questions
Because they were asked to help with another project, a teammate may not finish their work. Which category of Waste does this fall under?
A. Partially completed work B. Defects C. Task switching D. Additional processes
Answer: C. Task switching is a form of wasteful assignment.

Sample Questions #3
Which of the following would be required to support business case A when prioritizing using MoSCoW? Must Have
B. B.
C. Must Have, Should have, and Could Have
D. None of the Above
Answer: B. The Business Case is made up of two categories: Must Have and Should Have. The Minimum Useable Subset must be supported. Answer C should represent 100% of the effort and support both the business case as well as the contingency.

PMI ACP Sample Questions #4
You are a tester, and you are testing scenarios that are not scripted to test the product’s capabilities. Which of these are you doing?
A. Exploratory Testing
B. Alpha Testing
C. Usability Testing
D. Scenario Testing
Answer: A. Exploratory testing is unscripted testing.

PMI ACP Sample Questions #5
Information radiators are designed to:6 Information Radiators are designed for:
A. Make it easy to understand
B. Be precise and detailed
C. Kept in management area so they are aware
D. Only available to members of the team
Answer: C. Continuous Integration can be described as a technical practice. There are three ways to work collaboratively: A, B, and C.

PMI ACP Sample Questions #6
You are trying to understand the level of conflict in your team’s passionate discussion. You are observing a team member making statements such as “I guess we are just going have to save the day again” or “This is a stupid conversation.” What level of conflict is this? A. Level 1
B. Level 2
C. Level 3
D. Level 4
Answer: B. Level 2. Level 2. The language at level 2 is more cynical, and team members try their best to distance themselves from the discussion.

PMI ACP Sample Questions #7
Which of these statements is true about velocity?
A. Velocity can be used to track progress
B. Veloc