3 Benefits of modern service management

The world is becoming digital. Organizations must be prepared for a new way to work as technology becomes more embedded in society. ITIL(r), a guide for professionals and businesses, has been used by both business and professional to support organizations. ITIL 4 was developed to help organizations navigate the modern age. Modern service management is built around ITIL practices. It incorporates additional speed, agility, and automation to support rapidly changing business requirements.
Modern Service Management Benefits
Modern service management aims to automate and understand the connections between people, processes, and knowledge. These are the top three benefits.
Process Optimization
Based on near-real-time data, process-mining capabilities can identify areas for improvement. Connecting ITIL best practices and behavioral variance gives immediate insight into process optimization opportunities.
Take proactive steps to address emerging problems
Your service desk will be equipped with data-driven analytics and advanced algorithms to identify trends and track variances. This will allow it to proactively assess issues and address the underlying causes before they become more serious and impact your productivity.
Provide detailed dashboards and reports
When based on optimized processes and data-driven analysis, dashboards and reports can be viewed with greater clarity. Information is available to help business users make informed decisions and show the value of IT investments.
ITSM’s core principle is that there is always more to be done. Modern service management goes one step further by incorporating the speed, agility, and automation necessary to address issues quickly and provide value.

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