3 Tips to Help Your PM Career Advance

Recently, I was asked to provide 3 tips to help project managers like you grow their careers. It was my goal to gather tips from different sources and compile them into one article. You want to learn how to manage projects and what project managers do. Beyond that, it often comes down the who you are as an individual and how you behave. Let’s start with this: These are three tips to help you advance your PM career.
Flexibility is key. Sometimes the way to the top doesn’t always go straight up. Sometimes you have to move sideways and then up. While you wait for the promotion, others are moving forward. Consider what you can gain from a given opportunity before you dismiss it. It could help you learn more about your industry or company, increase your skills, or strengthen your working relationships. You will be compared with others who are willing to try new things.
Be likeable – It is a skill. You can be liked. You can cultivate the ability to be liked. People are the best way to accomplish project work. People choose to surround themselves only with people they like, even if everything else is equal. If people enjoy working with you, they will go the extra mile to help you. This will result in a greater selection of qualified resources. How? Think before you speak. Be sincere and kind. Respect others around you. Admire others’ leadership qualities.
Be low-maintenance – Ask yourself the following question: “Do I make it easier for my coworkers or make it more difficult? Am I highly valued or high-maintenance?” Ask someone you trust if you don’t know the answer. Napoleon Hill stated, “It is true that you can succeed fastest and best by helping others succeed.” You are serving others, no matter what your title or salary. You are there to serve others when you arrive at the office. Your actions should be a sign of service.
These are just a few ideas of mine. For more, be sure to visit the rest of the ideas.