4 Certifications to Help you Master Cloud Testing

To prove you can do the work as a cloud professional, you need more than certifications. Most IT professionals only use a small number of services in their day to-day operations. It can be difficult to self-improve without guidance. An IT pro might be performing an operation but not efficiently or in the right way.
This is especially true for cloud testing. A team might write a few unit tests and then forget about them. This is a waste of time. Effective tests can reduce production bugs which can lead to increased revenue. Let’s now look at four cloud-centric certifications to help you master cloud testing.
1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
If you are looking to learn more about cloud testing, the Solutions Architect certification is a great choice. This AWS certificate is unique in that it provides a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of AWS cloud infrastructure, unlike other AWS certificates. These are its primary goals:
Architect creates a solution for customers using their input.
Learn the best practices of AWS and then implement them.
Learn how to use AWS solutions to secure and design applications.

Each of these bullet points will improve your cloud testing knowledge. You will need to be able to troubleshoot AWS applications to learn how to design them secure. A builder of houses is the best person to fix a leaky roof. Who better to help you secure a cloud solution than the person who built it? This is exactly the kind of experience that you will bring to the table when you earn this certificate.
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You can increase your earnings by starting training. A certification like this can help you earn over $110,000 per year. This is because certification requires both a broad understanding and a deep understanding of AWS. You will be familiar with load testing an application if a company asks you to. You’ll be able to fix any problems in the application if they ask for pen testing.
What if your cloud solution is not AWS? Let’s look at some more certificates, starting with the Azure Certified Foundations.
2. Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)
A Microsoft certification is a great thing because almost every company uses MS products in one way or another. The second benefit of this certification is that you can learn almost nothing at the beginning and be certified by end. This certification was created by Microsoft with the idea that anyone could become cloud-savvy. Let’s face it, Microsoft wants to be able to compete with AWS. How does this test increase your knowledge of cloud testing? Let’s take a closer look at the AZ900 objectives.
Learn about cloud concepts
Learn about the core Azure services.
Security, privacy, compliance, trust, and trust.
Learn about Azure pricing and support

A broad understanding of Azure security compliance and compliance will make cloud testing more robust and resilient. The AZ-900, for example, will show you how to spin up VMs securely and with all the required compliance.
Cloud engineers make the most common mistake of leaving ports open that they shouldn’t. You will learn how to ensure that all ports are closed using the knowledge gained from the AZ-900. This cert, like the Solutions Architect certification will give you a broad overview of the entire app, from frontend to database. This knowledge is crucial for cloud testing techniques like stress testing.
What is Stress Testing?
Stress testing is a technique that places excessively high traffic on a system. It will detect.