4 New AWS Storage Services Every Cloud Pro Must Know

AWS Re:Invent constantly challenges the status quo when it comes to cloud storage innovation and design. With the announcement of four new cloud storage options in 2021, it was no different. Each service is designed to give users more control over their data and reduce storage costs. We will be discussing each AWS service in detail, with real-world examples.
Amazon Glacier Storage–Instant Retrieveal
An acorn that is stuck in a glacier will stay there for thousands of year. You could even say that it is in long-term storage. This is exactly what Amazon S3 Glacier does. Amazon S3 Glacier-Instant Retrieval offers lightning-quick retrieval and storage of archived data at the most affordable price.
You might be curious about how S3 Glacier Storage -IR differs from other Glacier services AWS offers. AWS clients can choose to use either S3 Glacier, or S3 Standard-Infrequent Access. S3 Glacier is used for data that is rarely accessed and retrieval times of a few minutes to several days. S3 Standard-Infrequent Access is data that is only accessed once a month but still requires fast retrieval. It will be safe for a long period of time, just like the acorn that is stuck in the glacier. It will cost you to drill it out.
These solutions are great but not for everyone. Some customers require Glacier storage at a low price and instant access to S3 Standard – IA. S3 Glacier Storage -IA is the solution. Let’s take an overview of some uses.
S3 Glacier Storage–IA Use Case
Lawyers are often required to keep records of transactions in the event of litigation. Although important financial documents and contracts are kept for a decade, they may be required at any moment. It could be the difference between a conviction and exoneration.
For records that are only needed to be accessed a few times per year, S3 Glacier Storage -IR is the best choice. Customers can save up to 70% by moving from S3 Standard-IA into S3 Glacier.
If this hypothetical scenario is not enough, let’s take a look at how the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc uses S3 Glacier Storage – IR. Chris Wolford, Senior Director of Media & Event Technology, is quoted as saying:
“The NASCAR Library now has low storage costs thanks to the Amazon S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval storage. This allows our content creators to interact in near real time with data of any age. We have one of the most extensive racing media archives in the globe. He continued, “Our customers range from the NASCAR Cup Series teams to producers, editors and engineers. They generate video, audio and images that are stored in perpetuity. We will be able to reduce our storage costs and improve our restore performance with the new storage class. We can now benefit from lower storage costs, with the resilience of multi-AZ storage and immediate retrievals for all media assets!
Glacier is great for archive, but there are also new innovations on the file server-side. Let’s see how Amazon is leading the charge in on-premise-to cloud migration strategies.
Amazon FSx for OpenZFS
It is a fact that sensitive data is much more secure in the cloud than it is on-premise. It’s the difference between storing your precious metal in Fort Knox and storing it in a woodshed. It’s why it’s so exciting that Amazon released FSx to OpenZFS.
FSx for OpenZFS allows customers to move their data on-premises into the cloud without having to change the code or manage it. Let’s discuss how this new service combines the usability and agility of OpenZFS with AWS’ security, agility, cost, and cost benefits.
What is OpenZFS?
Oracle’s OpenZFS file system and volume manager is OpenZFS. OpenZFS manages both physical drives and logical volumes. It is an