4 Salesforce Tricks You Should Try

You might be wondering where to start when you first log into Salesforce. Salesforce offers many features that will allow you to customize and create shortcuts for your most frequently used actions.

1. Salesforce for Outlook
Keep your Salesforce and email in sync
Salesforce for Outlook allows you to seamlessly connect your Salesforce account and email. It’s a quick download and installation program that can be found in the My Settings section of Salesforce. This allows you to keep your contacts, events, tasks, and other data in Salesforce in sync.
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Start trainingNo one wants the hassle of entering information in two programs. This is a waste of time! After downloading the program, you can choose what syncs with which accounts. You can also create or sync using drop-down options or a sidebar list. If you wish to sync email, it will show you any related accounts or contacts. The best part? It eliminates the need to log in to Salesforce.

2. Modify Your Tabs
You can limit the tabs that you see.
Sometimes Salesforce administrators may have the best intentions, but not know what you actually use every day. Do yourself a favor by looking at the little plus symbol to the right of your top Navigation Bar. The complete list of tabs available will be displayed. The orange Customize My Tabs button is located on the right-hand side. Click it to open a new world.
The tabs not displayed on your Navigation Bar are listed in the left box, while the tabs currently visible in the right selection tabs are. You can pick and choose the tabs that are most important to you so that you only see the tabs you need the next time you log into.

3. View a List
Salesforce is a great tool for creating and accessing more information. However, it’s important to have a faster way to see what is important.
Are you able to see a pattern? List Views are a way to make what you see more valuable. We have narrowed down which tabs we see. Once you have entered one of those tabs, a List view allows you to see the records that are most important to you. Let’s say we click the Opportunity tab. We don’t always want to see all the opportunities.
You can create a List View to see your opportunities, your accounts’ opportunities, and any other filtering options.

4. Similar List Links to a Record
These links will allow you to jump straight to the important stuff.
We are back, trying to make Salesforce navigation easier and faster! Just put us on repeat. You might realize that there is so much information on the screen, even after you have found the records you are looking for. You could scroll for days trying to find the section you are looking for. We’re not being dramatic here, but if we take a moment and look at the top of the record, there will be a few hyperlinks. Or a lot. Clicking one of these hyperlinks will take you to the relevant section of the page and save you time.

Salesforce is only as overwhelming for you as it is for them! These tips and tricks will help to get started and make it easier for you to navigate the system. You’ll soon be a Salesforce expert helping others.

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