6 Excel Tips That Will Save You Time

You don’t know how many time-saving tricks and tips Microsoft Excel has to offer, whether you use it every day for your staff accounting job or just occasionally for data analysis. Excel is complex and rewarding. There are many ways to save time and improve your productivity. You can improve your career and add tremendous value to your company by diving in and learning some hacks. Simply select the columns or rows that you want to add, then click (Ctrl + Click on Mac), and select the Insert option.
Format Values Easily You can also use the same technique to insert data into Excel spreadsheets for reports or presentations. Select the area of your sheet you wish to include and copy it (Ctrl+C for Mac or Command + C on PC). Move to your Word document and click Paste. The next step is to move over to your Word Document and click on Paste Special. Select the column first, then click Data and click Text to columns. You can choose to divide the text using fixed width, commas or spaces. Do not waste time rearranging every cell. Select all the cells that you wish to move, copy it, then select Paste, then Paste Special. Click the Transpose box, and click OK. You should now be able to move your data to a new orientation. You can get to the top of your Excel sheet in just two seconds by pressing Command (Mac), or Ctrl(PC) + the Up Arrow twice. Get the Excel Quick Start Guide.
These Excel tips can be applied to your daily work. This will allow you to save time and frustration, so that you can concentrate on growing your business. Get the New Horizons Excel Quick Start Guide to continue sharpening your Microsoft Excel skills.

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