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Is your firm up to speed when it comes to getting salaries into employees’ pockets? Or is your company frequently swamped with complaints about wrongly computed deductions, unpaid overtime, and improperly withheld taxes? Payroll is a tricky aspect of business, and it does not matter what kind of business it forms a part of. Whether it is only for a handful of workers or for a multi-national corporation numbering 20,000, there is nothing simple about the payroll system. As a matter of fact, payroll departments the whole world over often find themselves facing issues of varying importance from ensuring that staff are paid on time, contractual obligations are fulfilled, and all withholding duties are met. Payroll administration goes well and beyond payroll processing. It involves, among many others, financial management, constant and consistent monitoring for fraud and unauthorized disbursements, safeguarding assets, eliminating errors, and reducing the potential for errors. This section contains a horde of information about payroll – from generally accepted accounting principles and compliance with controls inside and outside the system to tips for improving payroll functions.
Displaying 1-8 of 8 result(s).7 Reasons To Outsource Payroll Services

Posted by RichardNicholson. Published on Sep 10, 2009Is it really possible that some companies are hesitant to employ the staff needed to grow their business because they think they will need to manage complicated payroll systems? It is certainly true that regardless of the size of a business, the increasing complexity of payroll systems – managing wages, taxation, annual leave, PAYG, different state jurisdictions and superannuation – means that specialist knowledge is required for these functions to be carried out properly.It's No Secret, The Theory Of Directed EffortÂ…

Posted by SWARAJ SEHGAL. Published on Aug 26, 2009Recently I was involved in a discussion about what has become known as "The Law of Attraction." It became rather heated. It seems to me that some proponents of this "law" have a tendency to become rather fervent in its defense when its premises are questioned. As so often happens during a verbal interaction, the discussion took directions I never wanted it to go in and logical arguments gave way to emotional examples and anecdotal evidence. Of course, anecdotal evidence presented contrary to "The Law of Attraction" was quickly spun about to fit into the paradigm created by those whoAccounting And Payroll Software – Ten Reasons Current Software Technology Is Crucial To A Business

Posted by StephanieElsen. Published on Jun 08, 2009As a business owner, it's easy to make accounting and payroll software a low priority. It's so easy to fall behind if you don't stay abreast of technology, and when that happens you can quickly lose the benefits that the software was supposed to provide in the first place. Here are ten reasons why keeping your accounting and payroll software technology current is crucial to the successful operation of your business.Do You Call For An Automated Timekeeping System For Your Cleaning Business?

Posted by John FSmith. Published on Feb 19, 2009Is your cleaning business booming and it requires you to get workers, a couple of employees will not hassle you with their "log in" "and log out" inside their time sheets; but having a couple might equate to a terrible headache. Imagine the consistent monitoring; interpreting and decoding their data for each place they have duties this very time consuming and irritating because you need to get them right. Instead your time being well spent in other profitable activity you tire and strain yourself checking their payroll activities.Payroll Software Programs To Make Life Easier And Reduce Payroll Hassles

Posted by AlBullington. Published on Feb 08, 2009Payroll software programs aren't just about saving time and money. Reduced stress is the real payoff. Here's how to get the best set-up.Payroll Software – Useful Glossary Of Payroll Terms

Posted by RobBali. Published on Dec 31, 2008A short list of the common payroll terms and definitions. This list will help you better understand the different payroll regulations and taxes laws.Benefits Of Using A Peo For Payroll Administration

Posted by ChristopherWalton. Published on Dec 04, 2008The benefits of using a PEO for payroll administration are saving time, costs and paying taxes accurately. PEOs help save costs in payroll processing as well.A 4-step Guide To Calculate Payroll Taxes Correctly

Posted by AbhishekAgarwal 1176. Published on Nov 12, 2008For many, taxes are a necessary evil and to be avoided at all costs. But the costs of avoidance can be immense. Follow our guidelines for an easy way to calculate payroll taxes and avoid unnecessary problems with the IRS.Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.