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In the lives that we are leading in these troubled times, anger and frustrations are set to delve into each of our psyche. At times, a long hidden mine of anger suddenly explodes, while at other times, we simply go one spreading the anger around and about us. In such a scenario, not only does anger affect our lives, it also ends up ravaging the lives of those constantly around us. When anger starts taking over each and every aspect of our lives, it is time to stop and think. This section deals with anger management. We have a huge database of articles written by the experts in the field of psychology and anger management. Read about how to manage your anger, tips on controlling your anger, getting rid of the frustrations and anger inside us, role of spiritualism in controlling anger, tips in identifying that you are suffering from chronic anger and so on. You can also learn further how to save your kids from chronic anger disorders, anger management counseling, consequences of anger, forgiveness in anger management and much . Simply read on for that uplifting, anger free experience.

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Posted by ScottByers. Published on Oct 21, 2009If you have a problem with becoming angry or upset too easily, then you'll want to learn everything you can to prevent things from getting out of control when you are in situation that demands your focus and emotional stability. This article will be your guide to controlling your anger so you can have an overall happier and healthier life.Using Anger To Work For You

Posted by JeffreyHardwick. Published on Oct 15, 2009You have been given anger to work for you and not against you. Would you like to be free from using your anger against others? If so, then discover the best way to use your anger and watch it work to your advantage.How To Express Your Anger In A Healthy Way

Posted by BKCarter. Published on Aug 31, 2009Have you often found yourself in situations where you just want to well up and go off? Do you act on these emotions or bottle them up inside? Either of these methods is not healthy for you and learning how to express your anger in a healthy way is important to leading a long and happy life. The most effective way to express your anger is to use "I" statements instead of "You" statements.Anger Management – The 7 Top Reasons To Get Started With Online Anger Management Classes

Posted by Chase VBurks. Published on Aug 13, 2009Anger is a normal response to certain situations. The problem isn't necessarily that someone becomes angry; it is how that anger is contained or projected. The way a person responds when angry is the potential issue. When anger is left unchecked, it will damage your…If anger management classes are needed, here the top 7 reasons to get started with online anger management classes right now…Let Go Of Anger With The Sedona Method

Posted by MarelisaFabrega. Published on Jul 13, 2009There are many ways in which to diffuse anger such as unplugging yourself from the situation, going for a walk, reframing the situation, engineering some small triumph for yourself to lift your mood, and so on. Coupling these techniques with the Sedona Method will help dissolve your anger and will allow you to free yourself from its negative side effects, including mental upset, physical disturbances, and tensions in your relationships. At the same time, once you release the tension that accompanies anger you will be in a better position to respond to anger-producing situations in a calm manner and resolve the situation, instead of either ignoring it or making it worse.Kids' Art – Anger Management That Is Transformative And Fun

Posted by BiancaTora. Published on Jun 20, 2009One form of anger management takes into consideration a basic law of nature: energy can be changed from one form to another. Fossil fuels, for example, can be converted into electrical energy forms. Potential energy becomes kinetic energy when we move. The key is finding a fun and accessible way to make this conversion possible.Anger Management Therapy

Posted by LymanBass. Published on Jun 13, 2009The essence of anger management therapy is to calm, isolate the real issue, and learn productive ways to deal with the issue. Anger is often a secondary reply to hurt, disappointment, loss, embarrassment, distress, or emotional pain.Becoming Your Best Self – An Emotional Response Primer

Posted by LouiseKaelin. Published on Jun 01, 2009Have a good emotional response lately? Is there someone who makes you see red every time you're with them? Do you replay conversations over and over, getting upset or angry each time you do? You're not alone. Everyone I know does this. How frequently it happens, and how we handle these situations when it does, is a good indication of where we are on our spiritual path.Anger, A Human's Kryptonite – Part 1 Of 2

Posted by ShaneCliff. Published on Apr 17, 2009Anger does incredible things to the human body. Think of a capsicum that is slowly rotting from the inside out, the rotting process starts as soon as that capsicum is harvested. Once it is harvested it is disconnected from its living energy source and begins to rot. For the first few days it doesn't appear to be rotting then you will grab the capsicum in a couple of weeks and as you pick it up it will collapse in your hands and all the moldy, furry and yuck bits will hit the floor. If having anger in your life rots you from the inside out what can you do about it?Acceptance Is A Big Part Of Anger Management Therapy

Posted by GrahamCrowden. Published on Apr 04, 2009Are you undergoing anger management therapy or are you considering it? Are you trying to tackle the problem of your temper on your own? You're certainly not alone in this; many people have problems with temper and anger management today. It seems as if everyone is under extreme amounts of stress and they're being pushed to the limits. Unfortunately anger is also a common reaction for many.Go to page: Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.