Are there any good methods to study Cisco CCIE?

First, consider why you are learning Cisco CCNP or Cisco CCIE. Do you know where you are starting from? If you are pursuing the Cisco Certification, you must have a solid foundation in theory and basic operation to be able to get a job in the future. It is impossible to master all knowledge in a short amount of time. This requires engineering practice and a lot of patience. Secondly, it is a good idea to read the book before taking CCNP or CCIE classes. You don’t have to be too careful. The main purpose of this site is to get your brain thinking. You should first think about basic concepts and theories. Make a mark and compare the colors. Then you can have classes. (I don’t know if it is for you, but you can try it. You should then prepare a notebook to keep track of the teacher’s lecture structure, key points, problems, and engineering experience. You can also write it down in a book. I think you can read it together as you go through the book. However, each person is different and takes notes differently. You can explain it with pictures if it doesn’t work. This is a great way to review what you have learned. This can help you remember what you have learned. Not all knowledge points need to be recorded. You should take down the key problems, difficult issues, and repeated problems that teachers have explained. The most important thing to remember is that teachers will share relevant engineering experience when they talk about a particular knowledge point in class. You should always go back to class and review the information you have just learned. This is your second time reading a book. The teacher’s explanation should make it easier. Ask questions and make sure to read the entire book. Then you can begin the experiment. Start slowly and then speed up. We must be serious. We must be serious after learning a chapter. After reviewing the classes for the day, you should do the previous exercises again. TK is a great learning resource for CCNP Certification. It is not a simple reading resource. This is the same exam as the college exam. The most important difference between university examination and certification examination is the practicality of the content. The technology you learn in the certification exam is what you will use in your future job. You will be able to use the technology in your future work if you have a good grasp of it now. For each question in TK, you should take the time to think about it and practice it in books. You will be qualified theoretically if you can answer 90% of the questions correctly. You can then take the exam as a regular test. In this case, the method of learning CCIE remains the same.

Professional training is required for the CCIE Certification Exam. SPOTO is a great program. Teachers have a wealth of teaching experience and allow students to learn in a timely manner. It has a great reputation in the industry for technical training at Cisco.

Yes, you can learn if the institution is mentioned above. It is professional. It is evident that the institution must be of high quality.

This is a very professional answer. I don’t know how I can learn it.