Are we really capable of Project Management? Prothoughts

Is there any IT project management? It’s a good question. Even more important, project managers! !
This is a direct question that is quite straight in the face. Many project practitioners will defend their project management certifications, such as PMP(r) or other project management certifications. I believe that it is true. After all, a lot has been done to make the organization process efficient and get it certified by global institutions.
I mentor project managers and the like and interact with approximately 30-40 project managers each month. I coach them in project management best practices and global certifications such as PMP(r), PgMP (Program Management Professional). I also work with organizations that want to improve their processes or implement project management software. My current focus is on project management.
This question is often asked to project managers. I always get the same answer: “Ashish, do you see any project management?” You have worked for the most reputable IT companies around the world. Do you see any project management happening?
Project Management is about learning, applying, and enabling. This includes people, processes, and tools. Considering this, project managers often say that most of their time is spent with people. The tools and processes take a backseat. The project success is measured by one yardstick, which is whether the product arrives on time. Is this what the customer considers a successful project? I don’t believe so. It doesn’t really matter if the project manager and their / her managers strongly believe that the project is a success, as long it is delivered on time.
In my next series, I will be focusing on project management in detail and sharing my thoughts. This topic of project Management is fascinating and is only briefly covered by practitioners and thinkers. ProThoughts believes that Project Management can make a difference. In fact, we have demonstrated this to our clients. It is time to acknowledge this discipline and give it due respect.
I would love to receive your feedback and comments. Interaction is a way to learn and unlearn. That’s how project management works. There is no right or wrong, just learning and unlearning.
The project continues and so do my blogs …… and your comments ….. to keep them flowing! !
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