Are you a PMP(r), or is it just a way to improve your career prospects? ProThoughts Solution

This is a huge question. Every Project Management Professional(r) aspirant thinks about it before he enrolls for the course or attempts to pass the exam. We tend to follow a “herd mentality” – if a peer or competitor is doing it then let’s do it. It’s another certificate to show off and it might even help our career prospects. This transaction is risk-free and offers nothing to lose.
There are many stakes and I wouldn’t advise anyone to jump into PMP(r), just because it is trendy right now. Some companies have made PMP (r) a criteria for removing candidates. For example, if you don’t have a PMP (r) certification, you won’t be promoted to the next level. If you are not working on your projects or don’t like project management, a PMP(r), certificate is useless. Even if project management and moving up the ladder seem like the only way, it is worth considering! !
A PMP(r), course is a complex decision. The main consideration begins with you, the participant.
These are some things I recommend you consider before you commit to a PMP course.
Management projects is your future or current career path
You want to be a better manager of projects
You are not afraid to use new techniques and methods, and to institutionalize your own method of managing the project.

Many aspirants are interested in PMP(r), which can be used to switch jobs or get promoted. While PMP(r), it is certainly helpful in that, I believe the employer will eventually look at if the candidate has the skills to manage the project.
ProThoughts puts its efforts and focus on making you a better project manager. After our intensive workshop, participants feel the same feeling and have the confidence to manage their projects. Only your PMP(r), if you work in this area, really matters to you and your employer. You would also be losing out on career opportunities, promotions, and job switching opportunities.
Try it if you don’t believe.