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ASQ – Six Sigma Black Beltis a professional certification that is a gold standard in quality. It adheres to ISO 17024 Standard and must be renewed by demonstrating continuous competency. ASQ certifications have been endorsed by more then 125 companies around world and are internationally recognized. A Certified Six Sigma Black Belt is a professional who can explain Six Sigma principles and philosophies, as well as the supporting systems and tools. Black Belts should be able to lead teams, understand team dynamics, and assign roles and responsibilities to team members.
These certifications can lead to a variety of lucrative career options. Preparing for any exam is like working. To achieve this credential, it takes hard work, determination, and consistency every day. The Study Guide will assist you in your journey to the exam.
Skills acquired : ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt
ASQ – Six Sigma Black Belt Certified professionals should be able to:
Firstly, explain Six Sigma principles, related principles, and supporting systems and tools.
Second, understand the team dynamics and show team leadership
Next, define and assign roles and responsibilities for the team members
Define benchmarking
Learn about various business performance measures, including financial.
Also, identify customer needs and describe the impact six-sigma projects have on different types of customers.
Experience is required
ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt professionals must have a basic understanding of lean enterprise concepts and the ability to identify activities and elements that are not value-added in order to be able to use specific tools. The ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt certification requires the following experience:
To start with, two completed projects with signed Affidavits.
Then, one completed project with a signed statement and three years of experience in one or more areas of Six Sigma Black Belt Body of Knowledge.
Study Guide for ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt
Now, we will begin to elaborate the Study Guide for ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam. To excel in the exam, it is essential to have all exam preparation materials with the study guide. This Study Guide will help you to find the right resources and prepare you for your dream job. This guide will help you pass the exam with flying colors.
Review the Exam Objectives
First, you should be clear about the course objectives. To earn this credential, you must have a thorough understanding of all concepts. Before you begin your preparations, we recommend that you refer to the ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt exam guide. You should dedicate enough time to each exam domain. These domains are covered in this exam:
Firtsly Domain 1- Organization-Wide Planning & Deployment (Questions 10) – This domain covers Organization-wide Considerations. It focuses on Six Sigma, Lean and Continuous Improvement methodologies. The relationships between business systems and their processes. Strategic planning and deployment of initiatives are also important. Leadership – Roles, responsibilities and organizational roadblocks.
Domain 2 Organizational Process Management and Measures – This domain includes the impact of Stakeholders and Benchmarking as well as Business Measures.
Domain 3 – Team Management – This domain focuses on team formation and facilitation. Domain 3- Team Management – This domain focuses on Team Dynamics as well as Team Training.
Domain 4- Define – This domain includes the Voice of the Customer and the Business Case. Next, you will need to select the Project Management (PM), Tools and Analytical Tools.
Domain 5- MeasureIt also covers topics such as process Characteristics and Data Collection. Next, you will find basic statistics, probability and process capability.