How to co-author in O365

365 Real-Time Co-Authoring
I will tell you a story that I know will be true for you. You open a file you need to work on and a dialog box pops up warning you that the file is “locked for editing by so-andso”. Would you like to open a Read Only version? You click yes, because you must do the work. You complete your work and click Save as. You will now have 2 copies of the same files. As time goes by, it becomes 3 copies and then 4 copies. This is because you and your coworkers can’t work on the exact same file simultaneously.
Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud computing tool that is revolutionizing the way we collaborate. Although some of the cloud-based collaboration tools are notable, such as online file storage, sharing control access to files and access to software like Word or Excel from anywhere, there’s one feature that is truly unique: real-time coauthoring.
This is a game-changer. This allows us to open the same file at the same time even though we are located in different places. We can collaborate! You can see a color-coded listing of all the people editing the document simultaneously. As they make changes, you can also see who did what in the document.

This feature can be combined with 365’s built-in Teams capabilities of Voice Over-IP, instant messaging, and share screen to allow us to collaborate like never before. This is the virtual office that so many companies require right now.
This 1-day 365 overview course by New Horizons Computer Learning Center is a great option for anyone who has just been thrust into the 365 world. It includes co-authoring, teams, and much more!

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Microsoft SQL Server – Night Track

Microsoft SQL Server is a very stable, popular, affordable, and fast database engine. There are many resources and support available online and from IT providers. It’s also relatively easy to use.
The following is a summary of Microsoft SQL Server from a Gartner report:
Microsoft offers one of the best value propositions in the market. It is affordable and has a favorable price/performance ratio. There is also an easy learning curve to acquire the same skills as the ones Microsoft already has. Customers report that the seamless integration of a complete Microsoft business intelligence stack and Microsoft data warehouse is extremely beneficial to time-to value in delivery. There are no concerns about vendor lock-in. Our reference checks and conversations with clients have shown that Microsoft offers worldwide support, which includes partners, value-added resellers, vendors of third party software and tools, and widely available SQL Server skills.
Source:Magic Quadrant Database Management Systems for Data Warehouses

Microsoft SQL Server is tightly integrated to the Windows Server security settings. This allows for quick installation on existing servers. Microsoft is a leader in providing secure database platforms.
Now that you are familiar with the benefits of SQL Server, sign-up today!

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Balance school and work so you can learn while you earn.


Equifax Aftermath: Cyber Security Heroes are in Growing Demand

Equifax, the third largest US consumer credit agency, admitted on September 7th that it had been the victim of a cyber-attack. It could have affected up to 143,000,000 customers. This is nearly half of the total US population. This Equifax security breach, which exposed crucial personal information, is not only one of the largest in US history.
Bloomberg reported that Equifax was accused of being negligent in failing to protect consumers’ data. They also claimed that they chose to save money over spending on technical safeguards that could have prevented the attack.

Take proactive steps to ensure security
What lessons can we learn from this massive hacking attack? Many argue that the government should create industry-specific standards for data security. One thing is clear: Equifax’s breach is yet another example of why IT departments must continue to invest in cyber security training and best practices. It is crucial to have a company-wide understanding about best practices in creating a secure company culture.

New Horizons Learning Group is dedicated to providing IT professionals and individuals with the most current cyber security training tools. We are committed to protecting and securing company information. The demand for cyber security professionals is growing, despite the fact that IT professionals are highly sought after. 67% of U.S. companies say they need more experienced and knowledgeable cyber security professionals. The New Horizons Cybersecurity portfolio is designed to provide security training regardless of your level of experience. Are you ready to start your journey to a career in Cyber Security at New Horizons Learning Group?
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Engagement, social skills, and the importance of friendly IT

IT jobs are not just for those who have a passion for computers. Although IT workers are often thought to be the “nerds” in the business world, there are as many people who are social, gregarious and well-adjusted in IT as in any other field. People who are interested in IT may already have the skills to deal with co-workers, which can be very useful in this modern age. This means that people who have skills in other areas or contacts in other business areas can be invaluable to modern IT.
The current IT state in business is changing. Information Week calls IT the “department of No.” This is not true. IT can be more visionary in organizations. IT workers can also be more social and involved in planning phases of projects with other departments. IT workers who have worked in teams and are comfortable working with others may find they are welcomed into the company.
Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to engage their employees. Organizations are making it a priority to create systems that allow staff to interact directly with each other. Thosein IT can find themselves as leaders of a new kind of employmentexperience, where it becomes easier to seek employmentas the systems people use to do so naturally become more intuitive and responsive. IT may be a good fit for those who have worked in internal affairs or in assisting business roles.
IT professionals looking to make a career in IT may just need to obtain their cisco certification. It is now easier than ever to collaborate and communicate with office workers because IT is a key driver of employee interaction. It is possible to create better synergies among team members when people can instantly connect. This can greatly benefit a workforce’s ability to outperform its competition.


6 Excel Tips That Will Save You Time

You don’t know how many time-saving tricks and tips Microsoft Excel has to offer, whether you use it every day for your staff accounting job or just occasionally for data analysis. Excel is complex and rewarding. There are many ways to save time and improve your productivity. You can improve your career and add tremendous value to your company by diving in and learning some hacks. Simply select the columns or rows that you want to add, then click (Ctrl + Click on Mac), and select the Insert option.
Format Values Easily You can also use the same technique to insert data into Excel spreadsheets for reports or presentations. Select the area of your sheet you wish to include and copy it (Ctrl+C for Mac or Command + C on PC). Move to your Word document and click Paste. The next step is to move over to your Word Document and click on Paste Special. Select the column first, then click Data and click Text to columns. You can choose to divide the text using fixed width, commas or spaces. Do not waste time rearranging every cell. Select all the cells that you wish to move, copy it, then select Paste, then Paste Special. Click the Transpose box, and click OK. You should now be able to move your data to a new orientation. You can get to the top of your Excel sheet in just two seconds by pressing Command (Mac), or Ctrl(PC) + the Up Arrow twice. Get the Excel Quick Start Guide.
These Excel tips can be applied to your daily work. This will allow you to save time and frustration, so that you can concentrate on growing your business. Get the New Horizons Excel Quick Start Guide to continue sharpening your Microsoft Excel skills.

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4 Microsoft Excel Tricks That You Might Not Know

The Power of the Double Click
by Jessica Brown:
Over my time with New Horizons, I have taught many excel courses. While I teach Excel courses, I discover one tool that makes Excel work very well. However, very few people are aware of it. Double clicking is a powerful tool. It is a powerful strategy tool.

1. Your double click can be used to adjust your column widths.
Double-click your cursor to adjust the column size. Double clicking is a much more efficient way to adjust the column width than dragging.

2. You can also use this tool by using your auto-fill handle.
Your auto-fill handle can be found in the lower right corner of your cell. This is where you will find formulas and functions. You can copy by clicking and dragging the column down. Double-clicking the auto-fill handle will make your life much easier. This will cause the auto-fill handle to copy the column to your end.
This rule applies to Office 2010. You must have data at the left of the area you are filling out. This is necessary to ensure that your data knows where it ends.

Today’s Date: Dynamic or Static
Barbara Benneian
There are two methods to enter the date, other than manually. These will produce two different results. The spreadsheet will display the same dates. Clicking on the date and looking at the formula bar will reveal which date will be updated automatically and which one will not.
3. To enter today’s static day, hold down CTRL and type “semicolon”

4. To see the current date and have it updated every day, type =today( then press Enter.


3 Benefits of modern service management

The world is becoming digital. Organizations must be prepared for a new way to work as technology becomes more embedded in society. ITIL(r), a guide for professionals and businesses, has been used by both business and professional to support organizations. ITIL 4 was developed to help organizations navigate the modern age. Modern service management is built around ITIL practices. It incorporates additional speed, agility, and automation to support rapidly changing business requirements.
Modern Service Management Benefits
Modern service management aims to automate and understand the connections between people, processes, and knowledge. These are the top three benefits.
Process Optimization
Based on near-real-time data, process-mining capabilities can identify areas for improvement. Connecting ITIL best practices and behavioral variance gives immediate insight into process optimization opportunities.
Take proactive steps to address emerging problems
Your service desk will be equipped with data-driven analytics and advanced algorithms to identify trends and track variances. This will allow it to proactively assess issues and address the underlying causes before they become more serious and impact your productivity.
Provide detailed dashboards and reports
When based on optimized processes and data-driven analysis, dashboards and reports can be viewed with greater clarity. Information is available to help business users make informed decisions and show the value of IT investments.
ITSM’s core principle is that there is always more to be done. Modern service management goes one step further by incorporating the speed, agility, and automation necessary to address issues quickly and provide value.

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How do I get a job in Cybersecurity?

Are you interested in a career as a cybersecurity professional? Cybersecurity Ventures reports that there will be almost 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs unfilled by 2021. It is clear that cybersecurity is a highly lucrative field and that the industry is growing rapidly. Cybercrime is a major reason why the U.S. currently loses $100 billion each year. Cybercriminals target more than 594 million victims each year. Cybercrime continues to disrupt critical functions in the health, financial and entertainment sectors, as well as the military. By 2030, cybercrime-based losses are expected to exceed $200 billion.
You might be asking, “How do I get a job as a cybersecurity professional?” There is a huge demand for cybersecurity professionals in the United States and around the world. This blog will help you find a job in cybersecurity.
What is cybersecurity?
Cybersecurity is a branch within Information Technology (IT) that focuses on protecting the internet-facing data and systems from malicious activities. This practice is used by individuals and organizations to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical assets like intellectual property, log files, or other personally identifiable information (PII).
A strong cybersecurity posture will ensure that there are adequate preventive, corrective, and detective controls in place to stop threats from external and internal sources. Global cybersecurity spending is expected reach $133.7 billion in 2022.
What skills are needed to get a job in cybersecurity?
A well-rounded person will make you a success in cybersecurity. Strong communication, aptitude, management, and technical skills are required for cybersecurity roles.
It is easy to start a cybersecurity journey if you have a college diploma in computer science, Information Technology or another systems-related field. It is not necessary to have a specific degree, as there are many other paths to professionalization in the digital transformation era.
Other than security certifications and college degrees, there are many other skills that you need to be a successful security professional.
* Problem-solving and analytical mindset: The cybersecurity industry faces many challenges that require innovative solutions to combat the millions of cyberattacks every day. An analytical outlook is essential to identify and analyze the problems and develop solutions that are compatible with the computing environment.
* Quick learner: Technology is constantly changing and new technologies are being developed all the time. You will be able to understand their work and ensure their security by being a quick learner.
* Communication: You need to communicate with your team in order to solve the problem and clarify important aspects. To be a great team player, you must have excellent communication skills.
* Programming skills: While it is not necessary to have previous programming experience, having some programming language experience, such as Python or JAVA, can help you make a career in the cybersecurity industry.
* Network architecture: Hackers often hack entire networks to steal data. You must be aware of computer networking.
* Operating System configuration (preferably Linux or Windows): Linux and Windows are the most popular OSs for hosting cybersecurity operational processes. These OSs also allow for greater security customization options.
How to get started with cybersecurity
We now know that cybersecurity is a lucrative field with many high-paying jobs. You might be wondering how you can get into this industry. We’ve got your back. Here are some steps that will help you prepare for a career as a cybersecurity professional.
1. Programming skills can be learned and practiced
Programming is an essential skill for cybersecurity. To improve your programming skills, you can learn any scripting language, and then practice it daily.
2. Participate in Capture-the-Flag games (CTF).
CTFs are computer security games where you work together with other participants to secure a computer. CTF games can be a great way to get started in cybersecurity. You can practice your security skills online by solving minor problems and playing games. You can play games and solve challenges online on many CTF game platforms.
3. Learn online and get industry certifications
The traditional route to exploring the cybersecurity industry is expensive and time-consuming. It typically requires a 2-year college degree. Individuals who are unable to obtain a college degree may still be able to access instructor-led online courses or industry certifications in order to get into the cybersecurity industry. CompTIA security+ is an entry-level certification that helps build credibility and opens up career opportunities.
4. Apply for entry-level positions with confidence
To get a job as a cybersecurity professional, you don’t need to be a highly skilled individual. Believe in yourself and your abilities and apply for entry-level positions. This will allow you to gain practical and professional exposure to the IT security industry.
Projections of salaries and jobs in cybersecurity
The demand for cybersecurity professionals is constantly increasing as governments and companies try to understand the changing cyber-threat landscape. The cybersecurity industry is brimming with diverse roles and job requirements that are associated with some the most lucrative positions in Information Technology.


Gamers Advance to the Next Level of IT. You can use your skills to win a six-figure job.

IT professionals and gamers are alike. Both are team players. Both are tech geeks. Both were wired as children. The difference? The main difference? IT professionals who are top-notch hang out in the boardroom and not the bedroom.
Many of the most famous coders, network engineers, or developers began their careers as gamers.
John Romero is a programmer/developer and a one-time software engineer. (His favorite video game? “Chrono Trigger” on the SNES).Programmer/engineer John Carmack. (“Quake III Arena”) on Windows. Chris Sawyer, designer/programmer (“Transport Tycoon Deluxe”, Windows — a program he wrote! Both gamers and IT professionals share similar personality traits. Both share a competitive streak. You can’t play Fortnite without one. And the will to succeed. (Just ask programmer-turned-billionaire-businessman Tim Sweeney!)
There are obvious similarities between successful IT professionals such as network engineers and gamers. You can use your skills to get a job in the lucrative IT industry if you play at home. You won’t have to give up the controller!
Get certified as an IT professional and use your gaming skills
You want to work in the gaming industry. This is a highly competitive industry — there are 2.6billion gamers worldwide, up 100 million in 1995 — so it is important to develop new skills to increase your chances of success. IT is one route to this sector. IT allows you to hone many skills you have developed while playing video games, such as spatial awareness, enhanced coordination, memory recall, problem solving, multitasking, and improved coordination.
You can get the training you need from a professional to learn the skills and industry awards you need to land your first job. Talented gamers are needed in the IT sector. You’ll love it.
What you can expect from IT work:
Every day is different. (You can work on different projects. The chance to transfer your gaming skills into real-world environments. Many people who work in IT are gamers. There are many opportunities for career advancement. You can make a lot of money! Continue reading to learn how much. As you probably know, there are many IT job roles, including developers, coders, and designers. Network engineering is a highly-demanded job. In many ways, network engineers are similar to gamers. Both possess excellent hand-eye coordination. Both can solve complex problems. Both plan strategically. (If you’ve played Civilization, then you know what we mean.
Check out this Ubisoft job posting. The company is looking for a network engineer and will pay a lot to the right candidate. You are a gamer and have many of these skills.
This is a skill that you can have as a gamer: “Understanding computer and console gaming networking systems and technologies.”
“Strong communication skills and interpersonal skills; the ability work in a team. “And this!
“Self-directed, focused, detail-oriented. “And this!
While you won’t be able to know everything, you can quickly learn the basics of client/server models, peer/peer models, and compensation for latency. Even if you have never worked in IT, you can become a certified network engineer ready for work in 3 months. (Or you’ve never held a job before!)
How to move from gaming to network engineering

Network engineers work with many elements of the computer network. Video games can be compared to these components in theory. Many of the skills you have gained in gaming can be transferred to IT.
You will be able to optimize network systems and work with other engineers to improve performance. You’ll also:
Maintain code. Develop code. Improve network reliability. Secure data systems. “Network modeling and analysis are some of the other duties you might have as a computer network engineer. explains that this means you will need to analyze the specific networking needs of a company and determine which software or hardware solutions will best suit them. “You will then plan, install, and manage the various solutions, which could include wireless adapters, routers or network drivers.
Are you up for the challenge?
Network engineers could be a rewarding career for those who enjoy gaming. You can also continue to play the video games that you love. Some IT professionals “game” outside work, while others play at work.
Why you should work in Cybersecurity as an Gamer

You can become a network engineer or another type of IT professional in almost any niche if you have the right gaming skills. One of the most lucrative is Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity.
There are many similarities between cybersecurity network engineers and gamers, so this should not be a difficult career. A recent study found that ninety-two per cent of gamers agree that they possess critical cybersecurity skills, including perseverance, logic and understanding of “adversaries”. Gamers are also more likely to spot cybersecurity threats than traditional cybersecurity employees.
TechRepublic reports that “[the majority] of cybersecurity professionals believe the current generation entering work who grew up playing videogames are better candidates for cybersecurity positions.” “Video gamers are an emerging talent pool that may help organizations remain safe as cybersecurity professionals struggle to keep up with changing threats.
It can be very rewarding to work in cybersecurity. You can detect threats, assist innocent people and fight against the “bad guys” just like in popular video games. You can also work with multinational corporations and governments in the fight against cybercrime.


FSNA Bootcamp #8

All of our new FSNA Certified Students, congratulations!
#33 Anthony Rangel, August 9, 2019, Award: Anthony is a sponge in class. He soaked up as much information possible during his week at FSNA Bootcamp. He already had a job in IT so he was able to quickly pick up the basics and was eager to learn more. Anthony spent all of his spare time helping fellow students. He completed his FSNASQC in just 40 minutes. That was amazing! NexGenT was proud to award Anthony the FSNA Certification. He embodies all the qualities of a Rockstar Engineer. #34 Jacob Medina, Awarded August 9, 2019,: Jacob is a hustler and works hard at all he does. He already owns his own business and works hard to provide expert connectivity. He has mastered layer 1, but his goal is to add the Full Stack. He proved that he is a Rockstar Engineer by his tireless efforts during FSNA Bootcamp. He did everything possible to get his FSNA certification. Please congratulate him and the rest of the NexGenT Team. #35 Susan Amos, Awarded August 9, 2019,: Susan is focused and calculated. She took notes of everything during the FSNA Bootcamp. She wanted to understand the FSNA and be able replicate her knowledge. She didn’t give up, even when things got tough during her SQC. She took a deep breath and got back to her notes to figure out why. Susan proved that she is a Rockstar Engineer when she completed her SQC. She also earned her FSNA Certification. Please join the NexGenT team to congratulate her on this achievement.