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AWS certification has been providing the best IT infrastructure services to businesses for the past many years in the form web services, or better known as cloud computing. This has allowed businesses to replace high-end capital infrastructure costs with lower variable costs for scaling up their business. It is also no longer necessary to plan ahead for the purchase of servers and other IT infrastructure.
AWS certifications are a benefit for hundreds of organizations and businesses. They help them to get a cloud-based infrastructure platform that is highly reliable, scalable, and low-cost. This has increased the AWS certification’s value to a higher level. AWS must keep up with the latest technology and innovations in order to keep everything on course. This means that certifications and their content must be updated to reflect the latest technology. Candidates can benefit from upgrading their skills so that they are more up-to-date.
This blog will discuss the most recent updates in AWS certifications. We will also discuss the active AWS exams as well as how to maintain certifications.
The next section will discuss AWS certifications and the major modifications they have for 2021.
AWS Certification: What’s New?
AWS certification is crucial for validating technical skills and cloud knowledge for a successful career. AWS certification helps professionals to highlight high-demand skills and organizations to build effective teams for cloud initiatives.
But what’s new for 2021? The following section will provide the answer.
AWS Exam: New Modification
According to an Amazon update, April 8, 2021, the new exam is now available: AWS Certified SysOps Administration – Associate (SOA–C02). Candidates can now take the updated version of AWS Certified SysOps Administration – Associate (SOA–C02) beginning June 29, 2021.
The first day to take the new exam is July 27, 2021. The current version of AWS Certified SysOps Administration – Associate exam (SOA-01) is being discussed. This exam will be available until July 26, 2021.
The beta exam window of the new SOA-C02 version is closed.
What’s new?
AWS is updating the AWS Certified SysOps Administration – Associate exam to keep you up to date on the most recent innovations in AWS and the best practices for the SysOps administrator position.
AWS exams can include multiple-choice, multiple answers, and lab items starting with this exam.
Finally, after passing the exam labs, you will demonstrate skills that are relevant to a SysOps administrator position by building solutions using the AWS Management Console or AWS CLI.
In the next sections, you will find more information about the new exam AWS Certified SysOps Administration – Associate (SOA–C02).
Latest in AWS Training & Certification
First, you will learn how to create applications using Amazon DynamoDB. This is done with three digital courses that are available on demand:Exploring the DynamoDB API, and the AWS SDKs
DynamoDB Indexes: Working with them
DynamoDB: Managing capacity, consistency, and performance

There are also new digital training courses available for AWS End User Computing. These courses cover how to manage, optimize, and troubleshoot cloud-based desktops, applications, with seven new digital training courses that you can take for Amazon WorkSpaces 2.0 and Amazon AppStream 2.0.

Third, Amazon is helping 29,000,000 people to improve their cloud computing skills by 2025.

This includes: Self-paced digital training. Self-paced digital training
Remote proctoring of online exams via virtual instructor-led classes
AWS Training and Certification

We now have a better idea of the changes and modifications AWS will make in the certification exams as well as the training section. We need to refresh our minds by learning about the changes made in AWS certification exams.
AWS Certification Exam: Updates and Changes
AWS offers certification exams by specialty and role that are designed to empower individuals and teams to achieve their goals. Let’s take a closer look at them.
1. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate
We know that 26 July 2021 is the last day to take AWS Certified SysOps Administration – Associate SOA-01 exam. AWS Certified SysOps Administration – Associate SOA – C02 is the new version of this exam.
The AWS Certified SysOps Administration – Associate exam is for system administrators who work in a role that involves systems operations. This certification is for those who have at least one-year experience in managing, deploying, and operating AWS. It can also help organizations identify and develop talent that has the critical skills to implement cloud initiatives. This certification allows builders to showcase their knowledge using AWS:optimization strategies.
Configure your network
Security implementation and compliance policies

2. AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-01)
This certification was previously known as AWS Certified Big Data Specialty. The certifications with this name are valid for three years after they are earned.
This exam is intended for individuals who work in data analytics-focused roles. The exam validates the candidate’s knowledge of AWS services for designing and building, as well as sec