AWS Kubernetes Service Now Supports Windows Containers

Amazon Web Services now offers Kubernetes, or Amazon EKS, which supports container development on Windows servers.
Developer teams can now create Windows containers and deploy them on Kubernetes with Linux applications.
After a preview that began last March, support for Windows worker nodes in the AWS cloud’s Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service is now generally available.
In an Oct. 8 announcement, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service stated that it simplifies the process for building, securing and operating Kubernetes clusters and allows organizations to concentrate on building applications rather than operating Kubernetes. AWS claimed to have become the first cloud platform to support Windows containers using Kubernetes.
All clusters running Kubernetes 1.14 or higher have support for Windows nodes via Amazon EKS. This is because Kubernetes 1.14 includes production-level support for scheduling Windows containers and adding Windows nodes to worker nodes.
This site contains documentation, including pre-deployment considerations and enabling Windows support. You can also download a Windows sample app.