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The story of a life should be larger than that one person’s tale, encompassing the culture and events that moved around them and shaped their choices. Biographies, autobiographies and memoirs can be marvelous pictures of people in their times, or they can be as boring as your high school history textbook. Rather than reading the books and suffering through the bad ones, let real readers tell you about the best and the worst of the genre. Enter our database and find reviews of celebrity bios, royal memoirs, and the biographies of historical figures. You may even discover a hidden gem, perhaps a humorous unauthorized autobiography or a book about someone’s immigrant grandmother which portrays the struggles and triumphs of a whole class of people. If your website posts celebrity gossip, histories of world events, politics, or any other focus involving famous individuals, you can get book reviews here to improve your content choices.

Displaying 1-10 of 16 result(s).Go to page: Barack Obama Is A Good Writer

Posted by MaryLouDriedger. Published on Oct 22, 2009I began reading Obama's book Dreams From My Father with some skepticism. I thought he'd be another one of those authors taking advantage of his notoriety to get on the bestseller list.Dropping The Habit

Posted by KayGreen. Published on Aug 28, 2009Think of all the support services there are for people who have fallen victim to exotic or fundamentalist cults and abusive, closed communities of various types. Did it ever dawn on anyone that members of our own, established religions could need something similar?Book Review – The Day I Turned Uncool By Dan Zevin

Posted by DanielBreedlove. Published on Aug 18, 2009Dan Zevin has a laid-back and easy way of writing. His writing style makes for a fun, quick read due to the face that the book is only 172 pages long. Zevin covers topics that nearly everyone experiences as we get older, making this book applicable to everyone who is starting to feel like a grown-up. Not only can we all relate to some of the "confessions" in this book, but with Zevin, we realize that getting older is not so bad.The Mysterious Connection Between The Black Dahlia And Fauna Hodel

Posted by RickBriamonte. Published on Jul 21, 2009Do you really want your hair to stand up straight? This is a true story. A rich white baby girl was given away to a black maid to keep in 1951. Her 16 year old biological mother wanted the baby to be raised in a black family. The young mother was involved in a nationally publicized incest trial involving her rich Hollywood father, just before the baby was born.Charles Bukowski – Ham On Rye

Posted by MichaelBenniton. Published on May 18, 2009Ever heard of Charles Bukowski? He was a German-American poet and author who hated everyone and everything except cigarettes, alcohol and loose women. Ham On Rye is a semi-autobiographical novel (based on his own life but with some names and details changed) which follows the character Henry Chinaski as he embarks on growing up in Los Angeles during hard times.A Brief Biography Of Novelist Ayn Rand

Posted by AlLewis. Published on Apr 28, 2009Knowing a little about Ayn Rand's life prior to writing "Atlas Shrugged" will help shed some light on how she formed her objectivist philosophy and the story line for the novel. Ayn Rand was born in 1905, into a middle class family in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Her father was a chemist and a successful pharmaceutical entrepreneur.Cancel Your Subscription And Live Your Life With Up For Renewal

Posted by KarenHaney. Published on Apr 23, 2009This is the delightful and intelligent account of the real life journey by Cathy Alter to see if in her late 30s she could change her life for the better. In a unique, witty approach, she examines the problems she faces and decides to try and conquer them by studying and following the directions found in the popular women's magazines that she and so many women subscribe to and revere.'john Lennon – The Life' By Philip Norman – Book Review

Posted by SimonR. Published on Apr 03, 2009For such a towering figure, whose influence on popular music continues to reverberate almost 30 years after his death, there have been surprisingly few quality John Lennon biographies. Philip Norman's exhaustive effort claims to be definitive largely due to the cooperation and input of several key players, namely McCartney and Ono, though Lennon's widow has subsequently withdrawn her blessing, deeming Norman's treatment 'unfair'. Which it may or may not be, depending on whether or not you thought Lennon was a total git.Gladiator – A True Story Of 'roids, Rage, And Redemption By Dan Clark, Aka Nitro

Posted by AlainBurrese. Published on Mar 28, 2009"These days, when I hear someone say, 'Big boys don't cry,' I hear a voice inside me answer, 'I know. But men do.'" This is a lesson it took Dan Clark many years of searching to discover, and the final words of the last chapter in this riveting and candid account of his life, career, and steroid addiction.African-american Hero

Posted by HenryHarris. Published on Mar 19, 2009In what ways did Dr. King die for an important cause? In what ways did Dr. King die in vain?Go to page: Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.