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Stephen Jay Gould is perhaps the most famous of those writers making biology subjects accessible and entertaining for the masses, but Lewis Thomas and many others have also written enjoyable books on evolution, comparative anatomy, ecology, medicine, marine life, insects, birds, the charismatic big mammals, great discoveries such as DNA and the Human Genome Project and a host of other fascinating subjects in biology. Choosing a good book in a scientific subject can be difficult, as an easy start may become dry and technical halfway through. Consider entering our database and reading a few book reviews first. Let our authors winnow the best of the bunch out of the mass of popularized publications. Bypass the publishers’ hype and read the opinions of actual readers. Let a biologist tell you if the science is good. Follow up with a regular reader’s review of the enjoyability of the read. When you find a book that both like, cry “Eureka!”

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Posted by AvilBeckford. Published on Sep 30, 2009I have been researching great thinkers and how they have shaped the world. I have also been trying to prove that the act of reading helps to generate or even stimulate great ideas. Great thinkers do not operate within a vacuum, they rely on the works of others, and often expand the original thought and take the world further. Charles Darwin and British biologist Alfred Russel Wallace independently arrived at similar theories of Natural Selection in the mid-1800s after reading Essay on the Principle of Population by British pastor Thomas Malthus.Online Shopping Tips By Using Scientific Trader Coupons, Scientific Trader Coupon Codes, Scientific

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Posted by NavoditaMaurice. Published on Jun 03, 2009The stick insects are frequently designated as the 'walking sticks'. They are herbivorous and prefer to feed on leafs of plants only. they may be green or white in color small to large in size. They prefer to live in a humid environment. Their life stage includes: egg, larvae and adults. Their mechanism for defense is very fantastic that is why they are called as 'camouflage masters'. Sexes are separate. Females are larger in size and males are smaller. females can glide only while males can fly.Know About Simple Steps Of Product Creation

Posted by MI SERVE. Published on Feb 12, 2009Some people get hung up on article marketing and limit their ability to make money online because of it. In reality if you can talk you can create audio products and make money selling them online. In this article let's take a look at 5 ways to come up with quality audio products so you can make money selling them online. It is important thatTriplet Genetic Code – A Book Review Which Allows The Reader To Better Understand Dna Nutrition

Posted by ChrisBielke. Published on Dec 14, 2008This book presents the basics of what the genetic code is, so that the reader can have a basis of understanding of molecular biology. The backbone of the book is the central dogma of molecular biology, which is the idea that information flows from DNA to RNA to protein. It not only defines and discusses what the genetic code is, but discusses the rules of the genetic code and the type of mutations that can occur in the system.Anatomy 101 – The Human Body From A Kid's Point Of View

Posted by AdamSingleton. Published on Nov 23, 2008We may live in them, but that doesn't mean that the human body isn't one of the most complex organisms on the planet. Many adults struggle to understand how everything works – so how can you teach kids how to?