Are you studying for Exam 70-779: Visualizing and Analyzing Data with Microsoft Excel? Do you have any questions during exam preparation? No worries! You have reached the right place. All your questions will be answered. This blog will provide you with all the information you need to pass the exam. This step-by-step guide for Exam MS Excel (70-7799) Exam will help you improve your proficiency in MS Excel visualizations, data analysis.
The Microsoft certification demonstrates your ability to think critically and make informed decisions at the MCSA level. Taking this certification exam will allow you to gain real-world proficiency in Microsoft Excel. This certification will give your professional edge over your peers, and also help you gain financial benefits.
Target Audience
Candidates who wish to take theAnalyzing & Visualizing Data With MS Excel Exam must have a solid understanding of Microsoft Excel’s application in data analysis and visualization. You will need to be able to use Excel to consume, transform, model, and visualize the data. Microsoft recommends that candidates master the configuration and manipulation data in PowerPivot and PivotTables. The Analyzing and Visualizing Data With MS Excel Exam is primarily designed to improve the skills of professionals such as BI professionals, data analysts, or anyone involved in analyzing MS Excel data.
Learning Objectives
First, you need to be able to use Microsoft Excel to perform data analysis.
Excel is a powerful tool that allows you to visualize, transform, and consume data.
You will also be able understand how to configure data in PivotTable and PowerPivot.
Now you have an understanding of the basics of the exam. If you want to learn more about the syllabus, we recommend that you go through the Microsoft 70-779 exam tutorial page. CLICK HERE!
Study Guide for Microsoft Exam 70-779
Let’s discuss the steps you need to take in preparation for the Microsoft 70-779 exam. The first step for any candidate is to visit the official certification page. This page provides details about the scoring system and availability of the beta exam.
Reexamine the Exam Objectives
You can get a deeper understanding of each domain in the Microsoft 70-779 exam. Candidates should know the objectives. If they know what exam they are interested in, it will be easier to prepare.
Microsoft Excel: Transform and Consume Data
Model Data
Visualize Data
Microsoft Learning Platform and Documentation
The Microsoft website has all the latest information and details about the Microsoft 70-779 exam. It is a smart decision to gather information before you begin preparation. This Microsoft 70-779 webpage is where you will find all the exam-related information. You will also find the exam pattern, modules with study materials, and the most recent updates.
Microsoft documentation makes it easy to understand Microsoft Excel concepts. You can also learn about the various Excel topics. It will also assist you in data analysis and visualizations in Excel provided by experts.
Instructor-led Training
Course 20779-B – Analyzing Data With Excel
Microsoft created the 3-day Advanced20779-B: Analyzing Data With Excel course with the assistance of subject matter experts for candidates who are preparing to take the Analyzing & Visualizing Data with MS Excel (70-7799) Exam. This course is designed to teach candidates how to use BI techniques to Excel data analysis. This course is designed to help candidates excel in areas beyond those of tables and charts. This course will improve your ability to use Excel Data Model, Pivot Charts, and Power BI.
Candidates will be able complete the course and can do the following tasks after they have completed it:
Multi-source data can be gathered and transformed
Combine data in mashups to discover and combine it
Learn about data model creation
Visualize, analyze, and explore data
Reference Books
Microsoft offers reference books that can help you study for the exam. This book has many useful resources that you can use while studying. To gain a deeper understanding of the exam objectives and to pass the test, see the Microsoft recommendedExam book Analyzing and Visualizing Data using Microsoft Excel.
Join the Microsoft Community/ Online Forum
No matter where it is held, a healthy discussion is always a good thing. Online discussion forums are the same. This is a great way for students to discuss their problems and gain insight into the exam process. Online discussions have the advantage of being open to everyone. Online discussions can reach a wider audience than offline discussions, which are limited to a few people.
A greater number of people can help resolve a problem. This increases the chances of achieving resolutions. Multi-point of view makes the process more dynamic. These discussions make the studies more complete. Introverts have the opportunity to speak up, which is something they might not want to do if they were not able. Forums are a great way to create a community that is important for understanding others.
Self-evaluation Time – Practice Exam
No matter how you prepare for the Analyzing & Visualizing Data with MS Excel Exam exam, a practice run can be a great help. A practice test is a great way of diversifying your study strategy and ensuring the best results for the real thing. Analyzing your answers