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What’s in a name? The answers might surprise you. A name could make or break companies and mean the difference between worldwide recognition andsmall-town fame. Would Xerox have captured as much audience if it had been named Photocopier? Would Google have become the household name it now is had it been named Searcher? Naming companies, products, and services is only one aspect of branding. Branding is one of the most – if not the most – vital element of any business. Forget product distribution, location, or pricing. A product’s brand is its definition, the name it identifies itself by and with. A brand distinguishes a product, service, or company from everything and everyone else. With good branding, you can exponentially increase product awareness, thereby chalking up sales. This section gives the lowdown on branding, and how you can utilize it to sell your product, service, or even yourself!

Displaying 1-10 of 34 result(s).Go to page: Holographic Induction Seals Prevent Counterfeiting And Help In Brand Building

Posted by ryan888. Published on May 02, 2010Brand building is an integral aspect of every business. The domain of brand building is vast, it encompasses every activity that protects the integrity of the brand, proliferates its vision and checks counterfeiting.What Is A Logo? And How It Is Important For Your Business?

Posted by cyrusselster. Published on May 02, 2010A logo is the reflection of a business, a brand and an identity. To start a new business venture, a smart logo design is essential to draw the right type of audience. Successful companies all over the world have chosen right logos and are recognized world wide by them.Prepaid And Bad Credit Cards

Posted by Ems Aleks. Published on Feb 08, 2010Deciding in what kind of credit card to go for for reckons on your past credit report.I had no idea how great keeping up admirable credit was until I lost my credit cards.2 Little Known Causes Of Depression

Posted by LawrenceIp. Published on Jan 19, 2010Among the many causes of depression are 2 little known causes – "highly unlikely" as in, one doesn't normally associate depression with the component in question.Receive Cisco Used Equipment At A Lreasonable Price Or Vend Yours

Posted by AleksG. Published on Jan 10, 2010Cisco Systems has been identified to be equal with a class that is superior to other networking hardware so much that other corporations have integrated this hardware into their system.The Green Policies Of O Hotels Suites

Posted by Jonathan Meier. Published on Dec 10, 2009Being environmentally aware is very important these days. Whether buying a Christmas tree stand or looking for an executive rental, for many consumers it's important to know how environmentally friendly a product or service really is. That's the gist of this post, it's an explanation of the environmentally responsible policies we, as a hotel, enact in an attempt to do our part to achieve sustainability.Mlm Enroll Now Or Postponed It Is Probably The Answer To Your Prayers

Posted by DaleDupree. Published on Nov 07, 2009Learn how to manage your time to accomplish your project plans to formulate and expand your mlm business. These things we deliberate in this article are just the simple topics and there are lot there to learn to become prosperous in mlm marketingDoes Dental Marketing Works?

Posted by GenWright. Published on Nov 02, 2009Everybody wants to bear the benefit of latest technology formed in various area of interest, be it clothes, automobile or dental treat. But in medical treat few people are uneasy of undergoing treat with experimental medication or surgery. Once they are taught and knowing about the latest progress in the field of medical science or dentistry, they turned sensory to the new changes seen in this field. Dental marketing serves this very aim.Famous Company Logo Designs

Posted by JosephAlexander. Published on Oct 31, 2009Why are logos so important? Think of some of the most famous company logo designs of our time. Nike is a good example, but what does that internationally recognized "swoosh" symbol coupled with a graphically enhanced depiction of the company name really do for Nike?Passive Residual Income With Legitimate Work….

Posted by Sumit Rawat 8471. Published on Oct 30, 2009Why should you be earning passive residual income? Better yet, why should you be earning it online? Well passive income is income generated without repeated selling. Yes, you get paid over and over for selling a product or service once. You would want to do it online because you can automate a whole lot of repetitive chores.Go to page: Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.