Getting it right – Preparing to take the PMP exam – Do not overstudy

Many people fail the exam due to poor preparation. This mistake can be avoided.
Our participants often ask for more. The more Mock Tests, the better. The more material, more exercises, and the more literature, the better.
We don’t think so. The right dose of medicine is what works best – not more or less. Our experience has shown that studying more is a waste. Overstudying can make you more nervous than confident, and many people feel anxious during exams.
ProThoughts has trained over 9000 PMP Certification aspirants to date. We also interact regularly with experts and practitioners as well as PMP aspirants. ProThoughts offers PMP Training as well as a variety training and certifications in Project Management. You can visit or for more details. ProThoughts offers almost all PMI certifications, including the Disciplined Agile certifications. ProThoughts has a high passing rate for any PMI(r-based) certification exam. You can read some reviews. ProThoughts has the knowledge and experience to help you crack the PMP Certification exam.
What is the PMP Certification exam like?
The PMP exam tests how well you apply knowledge. Expect a lot of questions that will make it difficult to remember what you’ve studied. Even Project Management experts can feel a little uncomfortable.
Rita Mulcahy’s book “PMP Exam Prep”, which is highly acclaimed and recommended by millions of candidates around the world, teaches that you should not overstudy. ProThoughts is a proud collaborator and partner with RMCLS (Rita Mulcahy Corporation) – This statement is supported by their 25-year experience and a strong research team that takes feedback from many participants who have taken the exam.
It is impossible to be comfortable with all of the book’s material, it says. Use the right amount of dosage, not too much or little as ProThoughts suggests.
ProThoughts offers mock tests and questions that are over 1200 in quality. This is equivalent to 7 mock exams. You will also receive 400 questions if you use our PMP Exam Prep Book. These mock tests have been prepared by our experts. Each question or exam is designed to test your ability to prepare for the exam. One mock test will test your stamina and concentration. The other will test your ability to answer tricky questions. Some questions will make you nervous and test how well you can handle pressure. ProThoughts will also provide an analytical score after you have completed mock tests. This indicates where you are strong and what improvements you need to make. You can also get personalized support for any questions you might have regarding any concepts that you have posted to your mock test results. You can even visit their premises to have a face-to-face conversation with one of the experts. They will guide you until you receive your PMP Certification. Our Mock Tests platform has been upgraded to provide a better experience for all participants.
We also discuss the mental attitude that you have while taking the exam. Many participants have indicated that focusing on the mental attitude helps with how to prepare for the exam. This could make the difference between passing or failing.
We have collected a lot of customer success stories of PMP certification. You can refer to the same for further inspiration.
Benjamin Franklin said that “Failing to plan is planning to fail” and that you cannot be guaranteed success if you don’t have a strategy for clearing the exam. ProThoughts’ motto says “Help you succeed with your projects” and so we have carefully designed an exam strategy with Tips & Tricks that the instructor will guide you through at the PMP Certification workshop. ProThoughts also offers superior material, including Exam Tips and Tricks, as well as training recordings on their learning platform, to help you pass the exam the first time.
ProThoughts is proud of their prompt support and expert guidance. We have a high repeat customer rate, which speaks highly about the support we offer our participants. In addition to the 1:1 support provided by our faculty, our Support Webinars (insert hyperlink) are a great way to support our candidates.
Having said all that,


ProThoughts offers highly acclaimed Certification Study Material! ProThoughts Solution

The PMP(r), Certification Material is a key differentiator in any Project Management Professional (PMP)(r). Certification workshops. A candidate must verify that the PMP(r), or any other PMP(r), material is suitable for a 4-day training workshop.
Most institutes choose to not prepare their own material and use the material that is available online. PMBoK Edition 6th “PMBOK(r),” is a registered trademark owned by the Project Management Institute, Inc. It is also available at a discounted rate for the REP.
Participants feel that the standard has the PMI(r), stamp, and is therefore the right material for training. However, it is not a good source of information to help you prepare for the exam. Different volunteers have created the standard to share best practices. The standard’s purpose is different from the material that will be used to pass the exam. REPs may exploit the ignorance of participants and make verbose slides while explaining the PMBoK guide to the class. Anyone who has read the PMBoK guide will be able to understand what I have tried.
You can also readWhich book is the best: Rita Mulcahy Vs PMBOK? ?
A good institute will have its own PMP(r), Certification material. This means that they have designed, researched and prepared the material according to their teaching methods. Different material means that the institutes offer different materials. This means that they have made an effort to create a simpler, more exam-oriented material to help candidates pass the exam.
“Rita Mulcahy Examination Prep – 9th edition Updated” is a PMP(r), which can be purchased for INR 6500 or more. All PMP(r), aspirants around the globe, go through this guide before taking the exam.
This material is included in our PMP(r), curriculum, and makes our PMP(r), SUCCESS Certification course, the best to pass the exam.
You can order ProThoughts PMP Study material online at Shop here for PROTHOUGTS Material !
Now you can decide !!!! what is best for your needs. !
PMI(r), and PMP(r), are registered trademarks owned by Project Management Institute, Inc.


ProThoughts Solutions – Get the Best PMP(r), Certification Training in Mumbai

It is very difficult to hold a leadership position in a competitive business world. It is important to obtain the PMP(r), certification course from a reputable institute. This will help you increase your market value as your company grows. Project Management Professional (PMP) exams are offered for those who have the required managerial skills. ProThoughts, a registered project management institute and an accredited partner of PMI(r), provides you with PMP(r), exam material and training to prepare you for the examination. This course will help you to grow your career in management. You can gradually advance your career by utilizing the modules in the PMP(r), Training Package.
You can have the following opportunities with PMP(r), Certification Training in Mumbai by PROTHOUGTS
Working experience and qualifications are the two main factors that increase your basic pay as a project manager. However, adding a ProThoughts project management certificate will be like “icing on the cake”. It will help you to accelerate your position among competitors and offer greater market value.
The PMP(r), an internationally recognized course, is recognized and has global standard value. ProThoughts’ PMP(r), training course offers the key to internationally recognize and remain competitive with global standard.
ProThoughts’ Project Manager Professional (PMP(r),) certification is a high-level professional and knowledge that will help you to build up and establish credibility as a potential consultant.
ProThought’s PMP (r) certification leads to faster promotions and exceptional pay rise.

Get started with us for the best training and learning in project management. PM professionals will give you project management confidence. It will equip you with the necessary skills to play your role as an expert.


Gamification as a Learning Methodology – ProThoughts Solution

Who doesn’t like games? Some people play contact sports or active games, while others play in boardrooms and on their phones. Games keep people interested and engaged in getting more from a given thing.
I find it very difficult to exercise in a gym. Outdoor or active sports are better for me. Gamification is a better way to stay fit than the traditional, mundane method of exercising. Gamification or games can be used as a learning tool to enhance the experience. It is more engaging, more connected and more evolving than traditional learning methods.
When I dropped my daughter off at the playschool, years ago, the idea for Gamification was born. She is shy and difficult to get along with. The playschool offered many activities and games that helped her understand the objective better and also made it easier for her to bond with other children to learn the subject.
We used the same method for grown-ups, and tried many different games. In our context, the grown-ups are those with 5-30 years of professional experience and who are either practitioners, aspirants, or experts in their respective fields. They come to us seeking Project Management knowledge. This is not common sense as people think. All participants recognize the “Value” of their 4 day workshop.
The class becomes a lively active class when we add the “Gamification” methodology to help them understand project management. Participants are able to explore a lot of possibilities and learn things exponentially.
We play Mind the Gap, a simple game that participants can play at the beginning of the session. Participants instantly break down their inhibitions and become friends as they go into their lunch break. It is much easier for the instructor and the participants to establish a bond or connection.
*Game-based interactive methodology used in our Training (PMP training in Mumbai workshop).
Many have appreciated our “Game-based Interactive” method. Today, they refer us for the “Gamification” alone, despite having other important highlighters.
Gamification in learning will be more disruptive over time and more so for professionals who want a break from mundane office work.
For details, please drop a mail to [email protected]
The author’s views are his own. ProThoughts’ “Gamification” method is copyrighted. Any copying or plagiarism will be dealt with.
PMI(r), and PMP(r), are registered trademarks of Project Management Institute, Inc.


From PMP Aspirant, to PMP Certified! Prothoughts – PMP Success Story: PMP Aspirant to PMP Certified!

Hello Managers,
Malav Shah, Senior Project Manager at Cygnet Infotech has a total of 17 years experience, 10 of which are Project Management Experience. Cygnet Infotech provides IT consulting to clients in all technologies. I had a lot of experience in Management and was curious about what the next step would be. I had heard of PMP, but was unsure if I should apply. It requires a lot of reading and is difficult to continue this type of study after a 15-year gap. I was referring to a colleague who had passed the PMP exam a year ago and we discussed it. After much thought and discussion with my wife, we decided to take the PMP exam.
ProThoughts was recommended by a colleague. They provided me with all details about the training and after-training support. Jeffrey was the one I spoke with when I reached out to ProThoughts. He gave me a Training Schedule and I chose February 2019 to receive training. Mr. Ninad Kulkarni, and Mr. Saurabh Pikh provided the training. They explained everything and showed us how to do it in our Personal and Professional lives. This helps me to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. They also gave us the tools to plan for the study and how we can pass the PMP exam.
How to Pass the PMP Exam?
The key to passing the PMP exam depends on how well you plan your time for learning concepts and understanding the questions. Here’s my personal experience with how to pass the PMP exam the first time.
Plan your daily schedule
We assume that you have completed training for PMP. You must have 35 PDUs to submit a PMI application.
You can study PMP concepts in as little as 5-6 hours per day. This will allow you to pass the PMP exam in just three months. If you can spend 2 to 3 hours per day learning PMP concepts, you will be able to take the PMP test in 4 to 5 month. You will be eligible to receive PMBOK after you have applied for PMP membership. After completing the PMP training, your knowledge would be basic in terms of PMP knowledge areas and process groups. You should read Rita Mulcahy’s PMBOK at least twice before taking the PMP exam. At least four mock exams should be attempted. These mock exams were provided by ProThoughts
PMBOK is a theoretical book that focuses on PMP concepts. Do not try to make up things because most exam will be situational questions. Instead, read the book carefully and then verify it with your practical knowledge. You can read each chapter carefully and then go online to take a free test. You will be able to test your knowledge and find any gaps in your knowledge. Once you have read the entire book, go to sites and take a PMP-based test. This will test your knowledge, give you confidence, and help you understand the type of questions that you can expect to be asked in the PMP exam. After you have completed PMBOK, you can begin reading the RM book. The RM book will be easier to comprehend if you have read through PMBOK. The RM book contains both practical and theoretical examples. Exercises are included at the end of each chapter. These exercises will test your knowledge. As stated above, you should revise PMBOK and RM at minimum twice.
Spend 2 to 3 hours each day on the mock exam. Based on your score in the mock exam, you can identify gaps in your knowledge. Complete PMBOK in 45 days

Complete RM Book in 25 days

After one week, you can take a second mock test.

PMBOK Revision in 25 days

RM Book Revision in 15 days

Give the third mock exam

Take the fourth mock exam after one week. Here is a schedule to help you learn. You can dedicate 4 to 5 hours each day.

Complete PMBOK in 25 days

Complete RM Book in 15 days

Take the 1st mock exam. Based on your score in the mock exam, identify gaps in your knowledge.

After one week, you can take a second mock test.

PMBOK Revision in 15 days

RM Book Revision in 10 days

Give the third mock exam

After one week, take the 4th mock test

The above schedule will prepare you for the PMP exam. It is recommended that you score at least 70% on all mock exams. It took me around five months to prepare for the exam and feel confident about it, as I couldn’t dedicate 4 – 5 hours each day. Despite the hectic schedule, I was able to study for around 2 – 3 hours each day.

Exam strategy: Answering Questions
Formulas: Questions about calculations will be asked in the PMP exam. After the exam begins, take five minutes to write all formulae that you remember on practice papers. These 5 minutes will save you time.


ProThoughts provides excellent results for project management through PMP(r), certification training in Hyderabad – Prothoughts

Hyderabad is a major hub for project management. It is the twin sister to Bangalore in terms ITES and IT, and is one of the largest infrastructure hubs where development activities are at full force. Project Management is a core skill for many business activities.
ProThoughts offers Project Management Professional (PMP(r)) Certification Training in Hyderabad to project management aspirants. Is there a training workshop that will produce the same results? Actually, no.
Each Training workshop is unique in its ability to help students learn and prepare for the PMP(r). This is also evident in the pricing model. Training is based on two fundamentals: 1. Material and 2. Instructor.
ProThoughts’ material is widely regarded as the best in the world – Rita Mulcahy Material. The instructors are also in-house and passionate about the training workshop. This is a big difference in delivering the right results. We also offer a unique “Game based Interactive” method where learning is done through games and fun during the intensive 4 day workshop.
ProThoughts delivers excellent results through this PMP(r) Certification Training and our testimonials are available on verify. Not only do our participants pass the coveted certification, but some of them also achieve a high score.
The right materials, the best instructor, and the proper methodology can give PMP(r), Certification Training in Hyderabad a new dimension. ProThoughts will deliver outstanding results and make Hyderabad proud to be PMP Certified managers.
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Discover the Best Project Management Tools, Techniques, and Software in 2021

Project management certification is now tied to the use of the right techniques and tools. These two elements can help you manage your projects efficiently and effectively. Numerous reviews have shown that the right tools and techniques for project management can improve your overall performance and efficiency at work.
This blog will discuss important tools and techniques that will make project management much easier. Both project management tools and techniques can be used simultaneously so it is important to have a solid understanding of both.
Let’s take a look at some essential tools for project managers:
Trello is a favorite in project management. It is outwardly engaging and well-known for its ease of use of sheets, records, cards, and cards. Trello is a visual, simple, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and sort out any issues. It is trusted by millions all over the globe.
Trello is a simple tool that allows you to increase your productivity by allowing automation to your entire group. You can create multiple sheets for different types of tasks and the Kanban Management apparatus allows you to switch between sheets easily.

It’s Features:
Kanban sheets that can be adapted
Automated workflow mechanization
Drag and drop is simple
Card records document
Notices and cutoff time warnings
Board and custom card buttons
Rule-based triggers

LiquidPlanner, a project management program, is well-known for its superior ability to design and execute work. It is a responsive approach to project management, allowing you to view projects as living and evolving builds.

It’s Features:
Priorities are the basis of project plans
Naturally, project plans include completion dates.
In real-time, information and status are available
Instantly visualize the clash of resource availability

Basecamp, a project management platform that has been around for more than 10 years, is helping project directors get out of project management ruts. Basecamp could be the right choice for you if you are looking for a simple interface and a cooperative way to manage projects.

It’s Features:
Strong shared platform to communicate messages and quickly exchange ideas
In just a few clicks, you can create groups and projects.
Reports on overdue undertakings, tasks with upcoming deadlines, etc.
Plan your schedule to coordinate with it.
Portable apps for Android and iOS

Wrike, a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool, is a powerful device that allows you to work better together and communicate effectively across all business groups. It was developed by Wrike, Inc., an organization that specializes in project management.

It’s Features:
Gantt graphs

Incredible task management

Collaborative altering

Formats for projects

Streamlined communication

Coordinated record management

Resource management

Some Widely-utilized Project Management Techniques
Project management techniques are crucial in determining the structure, work portion, and use of assets. Sometimes, they even determine the fate of a project. There are many project management techniques, but we only have five of the most widely used.
Let’s take a look at these:

The most well-known project management technique is the agile strategy. It uses the sprint approach, which allows you to break down a project into sprints or cycles. This procedure allows for collaboration and adaptability. Agile is a term that refers to the ability to move quickly and respond quickly to changes. It is commonly used in programming and is best suited for small software projects that require constant communication and the need for collaboration to investigate needs and other parts of a project.

This is one of the most well-known and simple methods of project management. It is also known as Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This method focuses on making an arrangement and compelling execution. Waterfall is a sequential technique that requires that each assignment be completed before the next. This is where every requirement must be identified to ensure that a project plan can be properly arranged and associated.

Scrum is one technique that focuses on improving teamwork, communication, and speed of progress in a project. Scrum strategy is a method where a team is driven by a scrum master, also known as Subject Matter Expert (SME). This creates a pathway for consistent cohesion.


Are you a PMP(r), or is it just a way to improve your career prospects? ProThoughts Solution

This is a huge question. Every Project Management Professional(r) aspirant thinks about it before he enrolls for the course or attempts to pass the exam. We tend to follow a “herd mentality” – if a peer or competitor is doing it then let’s do it. It’s another certificate to show off and it might even help our career prospects. This transaction is risk-free and offers nothing to lose.
There are many stakes and I wouldn’t advise anyone to jump into PMP(r), just because it is trendy right now. Some companies have made PMP (r) a criteria for removing candidates. For example, if you don’t have a PMP (r) certification, you won’t be promoted to the next level. If you are not working on your projects or don’t like project management, a PMP(r), certificate is useless. Even if project management and moving up the ladder seem like the only way, it is worth considering! !
A PMP(r), course is a complex decision. The main consideration begins with you, the participant.
These are some things I recommend you consider before you commit to a PMP course.
Management projects is your future or current career path
You want to be a better manager of projects
You are not afraid to use new techniques and methods, and to institutionalize your own method of managing the project.

Many aspirants are interested in PMP(r), which can be used to switch jobs or get promoted. While PMP(r), it is certainly helpful in that, I believe the employer will eventually look at if the candidate has the skills to manage the project.
ProThoughts puts its efforts and focus on making you a better project manager. After our intensive workshop, participants feel the same feeling and have the confidence to manage their projects. Only your PMP(r), if you work in this area, really matters to you and your employer. You would also be losing out on career opportunities, promotions, and job switching opportunities.
Try it if you don’t believe.


Are we really capable of Project Management? Prothoughts

Is there any IT project management? It’s a good question. Even more important, project managers! !
This is a direct question that is quite straight in the face. Many project practitioners will defend their project management certifications, such as PMP(r) or other project management certifications. I believe that it is true. After all, a lot has been done to make the organization process efficient and get it certified by global institutions.
I mentor project managers and the like and interact with approximately 30-40 project managers each month. I coach them in project management best practices and global certifications such as PMP(r), PgMP (Program Management Professional). I also work with organizations that want to improve their processes or implement project management software. My current focus is on project management.
This question is often asked to project managers. I always get the same answer: “Ashish, do you see any project management?” You have worked for the most reputable IT companies around the world. Do you see any project management happening?
Project Management is about learning, applying, and enabling. This includes people, processes, and tools. Considering this, project managers often say that most of their time is spent with people. The tools and processes take a backseat. The project success is measured by one yardstick, which is whether the product arrives on time. Is this what the customer considers a successful project? I don’t believe so. It doesn’t really matter if the project manager and their / her managers strongly believe that the project is a success, as long it is delivered on time.
In my next series, I will be focusing on project management in detail and sharing my thoughts. This topic of project Management is fascinating and is only briefly covered by practitioners and thinkers. ProThoughts believes that Project Management can make a difference. In fact, we have demonstrated this to our clients. It is time to acknowledge this discipline and give it due respect.
I would love to receive your feedback and comments. Interaction is a way to learn and unlearn. That’s how project management works. There is no right or wrong, just learning and unlearning.
The project continues and so do my blogs …… and your comments ….. to keep them flowing! !
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ProThoughts: Difference between PMP and CAPM Certification

Many people were just as clueless as they were when they started their project management careers. They didn’t know which certification was right for them or why. Project Management is a great field to invest in your career. You can also grow on a wider range of projects. Today, we will be focusing on the two most important certifications: PMP Certification and CAPM Certification.
To expand your knowledge and gain recognition in the industry, there are many Project Management Certifications you can choose from. Project Management Institute (PMI) offers one of these certifications, the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification. This credential is extremely valuable in the career of project managers because it is only for experienced project managers who want to improve their skills and knowledge to advance in their careers. It will make you stand out and give you worldwide recognition. For those who are just starting their careers and don’t have the necessary experience in managing projects, the Certified Associate Project Manager (CAPM), is an alternative certification.
What is the difference between CAPM Certification and PMP Certification?
PMP CertificationCAPM CertificationEligibilityPMP certification requires 4 – 5 years of experience managing projects.Does Not require any project experience.Contact hoursThis certification requires 35 hours of project managementThis certification requires 23 hours of project management training, which makes them eligible to sit for the exam.Topics coveredApart from everything in PMBOK guide, PMP Certification also covers additional topics like Quality, Risk, Continuous Improvement and Cost management. Only covers concepts covered in the PMBOK guide.RecognitionPMP certification is a worldwide recognized Experienced certificationCAPM is a globally recognized entry-level certificationFuture work opportunitiesPMP Training & Certification shows that one has the knowledge & experience to tackle larger business projects.CAPM indicates that one has the knowledge to work on small to medium projects & can be worked alongside an experienced project manager, which will help him gain the additional experience.Exam QuestionsPMP Certification covers more situational type questions to test your knowledge on broader topics & processes.CAPM is a knowledge baked exam which helps to test your knowledge on the different terminologies of project management.PMP exam Cost$405 USD (PMI members) $555 USD (non-members)$225 USD (PMI members) $300 USD (non-members)RecertificationEarn 60 professional development units (PDUs) within three (3) years.Every five (5) years, you must retake the CAPM exam.In terms of examination,
AreaPMPCAPMNumber of questions200150Duration of exam4 hours3 hoursNumber of non-scoring questions2515Format of questionsMultiple choiceMultiple choiceMethod of examComputer-basedComputer-based
These two certifications are very popular, and PMP certification training is the most well-known among project managers. In 2003, CAPM was added to the PMI. According to the PMI, more than 1,000,000 PMP Certification holders are currently in existence. CAPM has more 34600 certification holders around the world.
Which Certification is right?
Each certification, PMP and CAPM, has its own value and eligibility requirements. Both are recognized worldwide. It all depends on where you are at your career. Only you can decide which certification is right.
ProThoughts Solutions can help you find the best solution to your certification training for PMP Course and CAPM certification exam. We will help you grow in your career.
Drop your query at “[email protected]” or Contact + 91-9137309091