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What could be delicious than chocolate? Whether it comes as a bar, candy, or a beverage, chocolate is so delectable we always find ourselves wanting . That chocolate could be so addicting is no surprise, however. People have been drinking – not eating – chocolate for years! In fact, the earliest record of chocolate drinking goes as far back as the Mayans. Chocolate residue found in ancient pots suggests the Maya had been drinking chocolate around 400 AD. Chocolate was so important to early civilizations, in fact, that it was considered a luxury good throughout pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. Not only this, cacao beans were used in place of money! This section contains information about one of the most sinful indulgences of our time – chocolate.

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Posted by Nvolve Limited on February 17, 2010A quick and easy recipe for making the perfect chocolate pudding – very intensely chocolatey, moist, and dense, but not too sweet!Get Rich, Delicious Gourmet Fudge From Swiss Maid Fudge

Posted by SEO Consulting on February 15, 2010For the highest quality fudge, you need to order from a small business, capable of making its product in small, controlled batches.This Valentine’s Day, Get Rich Valentine Chocolate Fudge From Swiss Maid Fudge

Posted by SEO Consulting on February 13, 2010Valentine Chocolate Fudge is, in many ways, the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Think about it. The box of chocolates is a cliché. Roses have been done.This Valentine’s Day, Get Valentine Caramel Chocolate Apples From Swiss Maid Fudge

Posted by SEO Consulting on February 13, 2010Valentine Caramel Chocolate apples might seem, at first blush, like an unusual Valentine’s Day treat, but consider them for just a moment and you’ll realize how appropriate they are.Double The Fun With Chocolate Casino Chips

Posted byAdolphpaul on January 20, 2010If you're in love, it's only natural to feel like you have hit the jackpot! Little wonder that people opt for a Las Vegas themed wedding ever so often. And it's easier still to believe you are in a casino in Vegas if you have chocolate casino chips as wedding favors, right?Promotional Chocolates: Taste Is The Way To Success

Posted by ArticleExpert on January 12, 2010The promotional chocolates are now available in the market at slashed rates. You can customize them and order in bulk.A Guide To Chocolate Candy

Posted by WALIEKCOPELAND on December 14, 2009Chocolate candy is the most loved, sweetest, and favorite candy. This is one of the sweet endless delights that can be enjoyed to the fullest. Chocolate can be presented in so many ways, shapes, sizes, and with so many additions. Chocolate is also used to coat other delectable desserts such as ice cream and cakes. Given this, it can be expected that chocolate would become popular among children and adults in the generations to come.A Christmas Party For My Mom

Posted bySandla on December 8, 2009Last year the job of organizing the family Christmas party fell to me. I' assuming my mom passed it on to me is because she thinks I have time to spare with work and buying and wrapping Christmas gifts. Mom thinks that if you don't have kids, you have all the time in the world even with your 9 to 5 job and taking care of the neighbor's dog.I can't imagine how I could've said no. I mean my mom has super powers. I can't say no to her on a normal day, around Christmas, it's impossible. So I'm likSwiss Maid Fudge – An Old-fashioned, Handmade Candy Shop Turned Virtual Sweets Purveyor

Posted by SEO Consulting on December 7, 2009Their virtual handmade candy shop now enables customers across the continental United States to get their hands on old favorites such as creamy chocolate fudge.Christmas And Halloween Candy- Types Of Candies Available

Posted by ArticleExpert on December 4, 2009There are many types of candies available in the occasion of the Christmas and Halloween. You can buy all types of candies at discounted rates through online confectionery shops.Go to page: Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.