Cisco CCIE Exam (Enterprise Infrastructure), Covers the Following Contents, Which Must be Mastered

Mr. Zhou teaches the entire course of Cisco CCIE training for EI CCIE Certification Exam. For the course outline, please contact Customer Service.

It’s 2020 in a flash. It is getting closer to the update of Cisco Certification System. Many students who are preparing for the exam are nervous. Due to the busy Spring Festival, typing the version may take longer. However, I recommend that students who are going to take the exam stick to the format. The exam will be easy if you are familiar enough with the version. Let’s get on it! !

Students who are awaiting Cisco’s Update should not begin to prepare for it. EI is based on RS, so most of the content is from RS. It won’t affect your learning because many students have already learned most of it in SPOTO and now have the new contents in EI. While you don’t have to be faster than others, it is not necessary to do so. However, it is important to take your time and learn as much as possible. It is because they are able to squeeze more time together that a small percentage of students who study together at the beginning can rank in the top. Learning EI is not about talent. You can reach a high-level if you work hard. Officially, EI is divided into five parts: 1. Network Infrastructure, 2. Software Defined Infrastructure, 3. Transportation Technology and Solutions, 4. Services and infrastructure security, 5. Automation and programming for infrastructure. The outline shows the content of Software Defined Infrastructure and Automation. These are the main focus of EI. Other high-level protocols in Network Infrastructure such as OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, and OSPF are also important.

Software Defined Infrastructure, which includes Cisco SD Access, and Cisco SD-WAN, accounts for 25% of the outline. This part can be learned if you have a solid foundation. I have the Cisco CCIE Certification of RS. However, I feel my technology is not sufficient. I have been looking at the contents of advanced protocols such as DNA or Automation. I need to sign up again and learn more. Owning it is the best way to invest in yourself. We can see the power of the technology and can also make friends with like-minded students and supervise and encourage one another. The basic part of the network is the content of Layer-2 Switches and Multi-layer Switches. Routing Protocols, MPLS and some common security protocols like IPSec are also important. Automation and Programming is the last. The Python tutorial is a great resource for students with a poor programming foundation. It explains network programming in detail. Programming efficiency is greatly enhanced by having a good understanding of the network. Another way to understand the network is to make progress for yourself. You can also add Python skills to your job search. Get out there!