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Console systems are the latest in audio-visual multimedia forms for entertainment. They revolutionized the way video games are played, from the primitive way of actually playing games on an actual board to a electronic means for gaming. The world’s first console was created by Ralph Baer, launched in 1972, and was called the Magnavox Odyssey. Today, console systems are advanced. You are no longer limited to joysticks and buttons; now, you can get wireless steering wheels for racing and driving, game pads, headsets, wireless controllers, and game pads. This section contains valuable resource on console systems.

Displaying 1-10 of 16 result(s).Go to page: Psp Go – Not That Impressive To Turn The Heads Of Gaming Enthusiasts

Posted by JaniceDevereau. Published on Oct 12, 2009The gaming phenomenon has been around for a long time, but no one could prepare for the major change Sony made to the PSP Go, what some call version four of the PSP. Read about it here.Xbox 360 Ring Of Death Fix – Quick Way To Fix The Red Ring Of Death On Your Xbox 360

Posted by TreyDaniels. Published on Sep 30, 2009Do you happen to be one of the millions of people who enjoy playing on their Xbox? If you are, likely than not, you have heard stories about the infamous red ring of death for Xbox 360. In the event you were not aware, the trio of red lights appearing on an Xbox 360 serves as a warning, typically when your Xbox is beginning to overheat.Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death – How Do I Avoid It? Try These 2 Quick & Easy Tips!

Posted by DeanOlmstead. Published on Sep 25, 2009I was minding my own business playing my Xbox 360 when out of nowhere my console froze up and I could see the RROD, the three red rings of death. What was happening with my favorite console? I am very aware that the Xbox 360 isn't reliable, but I never thought that something lame like this would happen to my unit.Fixing A Broken Xbox 360 Properly

Posted by FelipeBlowers. Published on Sep 21, 2009There has been a large boost in the gaming marketing since the new Xbox 360 hit the stores. There are a lot of people whole swear by the Xbox 360, even though they know that there is a slight problem with the whole system. No one wants to have a broken Xbox 360, but most people are complaining about this.Diagnosing And Repairing Your Ps3 Console

Posted by RobertRoderick. Published on Sep 08, 2009Other consoles on the market have their fair share of problems, and the PS3 is no different. The problem with the PS3 console is that it can be quite hard in diagnosing what is exactly wrong with the console. Luckily, there is a wealth of information available on the net, and if you are looking to diagnose any problems with your PS3 console quickly as well as resolving some issues then simply browsing the net will find you answers.Buy A Nintendo Wii Online – 3 Cheapest Places To Buy The Wii

Posted by MichaelKohler. Published on Jul 23, 2009Regardless if it is a special occasion, or the holiday season, if you are looking to buy the Nintendo Wii online, there are a few things you should know before making your purchase. Here are 3 of the cheapest places that you will find you buy the Nintendo Wii online.How To Get Rid Of Xbox 360 Red Light Errors

Posted by David DJohnson. Published on Jul 05, 2009Xbox 360 has different kinds of error inbuilt to inform the user whenever the consoles motherboard had some sort of technical problems. The errors that can be found in a Xbox 360 are single, two, three and four red lights error.The Red Ring Of Death – What Exactly Is This Xbox Malfunction?

Posted by BradMarks. Published on Jun 20, 2009The Red Ring of Death is a term that most gamers have heard at some point. This term relates solely to the Xbox gaming console.Xbox 360 Repair Information – 2 Different Ways To Fix Your Console

Posted by ScottJarry. Published on Jun 17, 2009Since the Xbox 360 was released in 2005, it has become the most popular console to date. HD graphics and an extensive library of games make it enjoyable for users of almost any age group. The only drawback is the problems that the console has. Two of the main problems that users face are the red light of death, and console overheating. I will discuss both of these problems and reveal 2 different ways to fix them.Xbox Error Codes – Your Options

Posted by AyoOlabode. Published on May 11, 2009Before purchasing your Xbox 360, you managed to save up quite a bit of money to get this state of the art system. And I'm sure you were expecting it to run flawless for years to come. But then it hits you, after merely a couple months of ownership with your expensive Xbox 360 console you start getting the problematic Xbox error codes that plagues most gamers today.Go to page: Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.