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Copyright applies to a diverse range of intellectual, artistic, or creative forms and bodies of work, including poems, movies, paintings, dances, sculptures, photographs, software, musical compositions, industrial designs, and the like. It is interesting to note that copyright protection does not limit the use of the idea or the information itself. Rather, it regulates the form or manner in which this idea is expressed. For example, copyright to Mickey Mouse bans others from creating copies of the cartoon or creating a mouse that is similar to that of Disney’s. However, it is perfectly acceptable for others to create other works on an anthropomorphic mouse provided these are different enough from Disney’s. This section deals with copyright, the legislations surrounding copyright, legal issues, and all other topics relating thereto.

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Posted by OwenLinnen. Published on Jan 01, 2010Getting six pack abs quick isn't hard, it's actually quite easy if you follow these simple little steps, so learn how you can get those six pack abs quick all from home!Avoiding Copyright Infringement

Posted by AlexStanley. Published on Nov 07, 2009There are many different types of copyright infringement and some forms of it may be happening under your watch. In an organisational setting, you are ultimately responsible for the actions of the individuals that work under you. As such, any illegal downloading or software usage that happens on your company premises is something that you are responsible for. In order to avoid this from happening, educate yourself about copyright infringement.Copyright & Music Piracy

Posted by ReemaPatil. Published on Oct 22, 2009The principle that the work one has created belongs to the creator and should be controlled by them is a global concept. This principle is encoded in Copyright law. Copyright Law is the key element upon which intellectual property rights are created and it is from these property rights that musicians, composers, artists and authors derive their income.Copyright Piracy On The Internet

Posted by HaniMasgidi. Published on Sep 09, 2009Lots of aspects on the issue of copyright as well as Internet have still not determined. This information, should serve as very useful guide in order to help you stay away from violation of the copyright rules and pitfalls of unintentionally plagiarizing somebody else's material.Trademark Evaluation

Posted by KatheleenBloom. Published on Sep 01, 2009Trademarks are usually something that are immediately associated with any business. As such, trademarks are a core element of the marketing, promotion, and brand value of any product. As such, it is very important to do a trademark evaluation in order to ensure that a particular trademark is available for use.Copyright Litigation – Establishing Your Copyrights Through A Declaratory Judgment Action

Posted by EnricoSchaefer. Published on Aug 31, 2009The world of intellectual property is filled with companies and people who live in the color of gray. Attorneys for the plaintiff assert IP rights on behalf of their clients. Lawyers for defendants argue that no intellectual property rights exist or that their clients aren't infringing on those rights. In the world of copyright law, the tension between those asserting rights and those defending is ever present.New Eyewitness Saw Several Men In The Tunnel Moments Before The Crash That Killed Princess Diana….

Posted by mukesh suthar. Published on Aug 28, 2009After dining at the Ritz Hotel Dodis and Princess Diana is intention was to head back to Dodis flat located at Rue Arsene Houssaye. The shortest and quickest way to get there would have been to turn onto the Place de la Concorde and then make their way along the Avenue de Champ Elysees. But for some reason they didnot take this most obvious of routes but took the one that lead the Mercedes through the Point d Alma tunnel.why was thatSoftware Licensing And Copyright Protection

Posted by CJSio. Published on Aug 25, 2009Every year there are billions of dollars loses due to software piracy, and the figure is increasing double digits each year. So, if you are a software developer, how would you prevent your software from being stolen? Software is your high valuable intellectual property.Does Poor Man's Copyright Work For Songs?

Posted by JustineShoolman. Published on Aug 21, 2009Trying to copyright register your song through the mail is known as "poor man's copyright." The steps to this type of process include: creating an original song; putting it in a fixed form (i.e. music notes on paper, sound recordings on a CD); placing the finished song in an envelope; and sending it to yourself using registered mail.Trade Related Aspects Of Intellectual Property Rights – Trips – Ip

Posted by Raphael S Barchichat. Published on Aug 12, 2009[Legal:Intellectual-Property] The Trade related aspects of intellectual property rights (TRIPS) that was adopted in 1994 in Uruguay during the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in 1994. The TRIPS is been followed by the World Trade Organization (WTO). The latter establishes the minimum requirements of intellectual property law. Like other rights (i.e.: the right to health), this right is actually protected by many international instruments.Go to page: Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.