Cost of PMP certification

Aspirants to the PMP(r), one of the most important considerations is the cost of certification and maintaining certification. We will discuss all costs associated with becoming certified.
Exam Fees for PMP(r).
The amount of exam fees you pay will depend on whether you are a PMI Member or not (see chart below).
Register as a PMI member before you register to take the exam. PMI membership is open to anyone, so there are no pre-qualification requirements.
As a member, you get $20 off the exam and a soft copy of PMBOK(r). You will also have access to PMI’s network, and can join events at a discounted rate or free.
Here’s a breakdown of the PMP(r), certification exam fees for members and non-members.

PMI membership renewals occur each year. Many professionals decide to stop renewing their membership after the first year.
Contact Hours Fees
To pass the PMP(r), you must have completed 35 contact hours or project management education. Contact hours cost between $200 and $5000.
Why is the range so vast?
Different aspirants may choose different methods of learning the material to become certified.
An online course in project management will cost less than an in-person course. Private tutoring is also cheaper.
You will need 35 hours of contact time to pass the exam.
Your learning style, budget, and time schedule will determine the method you choose.
Some employers will pay a certain amount to you to become certified. Talk to your manager about your goals.
PMP(r), Renewal Fees
You must renew your PMP(r), once you have been certified. PMI currently charges PMP(r), holders of PMP(r), $129 per cycle (each cycle is three years). To renew their certifications, they charge $129
Some companies will pay this professional fee. It is best to speak to your manager or HR department if your certification is up for renewal.
Continual PDU Fees
You must show that you have been actively involved in and have received education in project management in order to renew your certification.
The cost of the continuous PDUs, which range from $0 to $5,000, is similar to the PMP(r), exam contact hours.
You can get PDUs for free by reading a project management book, attending a seminar, or simply doing your daily job.
You can also earn PDUs by attending a high-end conference on project management that costs thousands of dollar.

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