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Crafts hobbies have slowly emerged as source of income to the home staying parents and also those who are working. The crafts hobbies entail creating of different home use items as lamp shades, home decorations, embroidery, sewing, pottery, furniture, home improvements and many others which are aimed at enhancing the beauty and value of the home. It can be done for either on personal home use or for commercial purposes. The activities mostly involves the use of the readily available materials as home waste; recycling of items as cans, bottles, papers and others. In advanced crafts some materials as iron, paint and new glass need to be acquired. In this section we have very many ideas and materials to help you kick start your crafts hobbies activities or businesses. This has resulted due to the lack of employment, need to increase incomes and reduce purchases, and the need to be at home with your children as they go up. The crafts hobbies are very beneficial to many of us for the operations costs are minimal for you get to utilize cheap materials and the available unutilized space at home. Also you do not have to acquire licenses and the taxes are minimal.

Displaying 1-10 of 32 result(s).Go to page: Create Tea Lights Using 4 Homemade Candle Making Tips

Posted by Holly MJordan. Published on Sep 11, 2009Are you looking for a nicer and easier homemade candle making project? Do you want to create lovely tea lights using your own brand of style and scent? Well, look no further as you are about to discover the simplest steps in making tea light candles.Making Your Own Magnets For Your Kids

Posted by JessicaChamberlain. Published on Sep 11, 2009Kids are very curious by nature. They want to touch, smell and most of the time eat anything they can get their little hands on. They are fascinated by colors and shapes as well, so help stimulate their little brains by making your very own magnets.Find Cheap Candle Molds Around The House

Posted by KayeDennan. Published on Aug 24, 2009As a novice candle maker you don't want to be spending a lot of money on purchasing molds so there are lots of ways you can get around this expense. When you first start out with any hobby you get so excited that you want to try lots of different ideas.Glass Mosaic Tile Art: Creating Mosaic Tables

Posted by BillEnslen. Published on Aug 16, 2009How do you create lovely stained glass mosaic tables? Once you know these basic steps, your creativity can take over.The Imaginative Blue Gem

Posted byArslan. Published on Aug 03, 2009Lapis is blue, but this blue is found in an array of colors from dark blue to medium royal. The best quality of this stone is found in northern Afghanistan and the thing, which makes this stone really impressive, is its fewer flecks of golden pyrite with little white calcite veining.How To Make Floating Flower Candles At Home And Save Money

Posted by JoeBrogan. Published on Jul 14, 2009If you are one of those people who have always been fascinated by floating flower candles, you should learn how to make floating flower candles rather buy them from the store. Those lovely floating flower candles on the stone shelves are nice but if you want to really want to have unique floating flower candles, you might as well make them yourself.How To Create Spectacular Arrangements With Dried Flowers

Posted by Jennifer PMiller. Published on Jul 12, 2009There nothing eye-catching than a gorgeous flower arrangement in the home! They can create a welcoming feeling for guests, provide cheerfulness or relaxation, and are great compliments to any décor. They can either be purchased pre-arranged or can be handmade using your favorite types of silk or dried flowers. If you?re like many of us and are on a budget, it?s a cost-effective choice to make the arrangement yourself.Create Your Own Decorative Wooden Boxes

Posted by DessieCampbell. Published on Jul 04, 2009Decorative wooden boxes can be very expensive to purchase depending on how decorative you want them. Luckily there are plenty of unfinished wood boxes on the market in many sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from. Once you purchase the size and shape box that you prefer you will then have to decide how you wish to decorate it. There are many ways to go about decorating a wooden box including painting, staining, decoupage, wood burning, and wood carving. Some methods cost than others. For instance, wood burning tools cost than paint and a paint brush. The great thing about decorating your own wooden box is that you can use some of your own artistic abilities.How To Create Gorgeous Glassware Scenes

Posted by Jennifer PMiller. Published on Jun 26, 2009Sandy beaches, desert plains with delicate grasses, and tropical scenes can be brought into your home with the use of glass containers, sand, silk or dried flowers, plants, and wood. These beautiful creations make great conversation starters when placed in the center of a room on the coffee table or dining room, for example. In the bathroom, they can lend an air of fragrance and relaxation. In the bedroom, they can re-create a vacation, day at the spa, or a fond memory.Decorating Equipment And How To Take Care Of It

Posted by AllisonRyan. Published on Jun 08, 2009In addition to the main equipment described the interior decorator will require one or two buckets and, provided the buckets are cleaned out each time they are used, any kind of household bucket used generally in the home may be used for decorating as well. The useful life of any tool or piece of equipment depends mainly on its care and the way it is cleaned and stored. All tools, equipment and brushes used for interior decorating should be thoroughly and properly cleaned each and every time a particular piece of work has been finished and before the tools are stored away.Go to page: Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.