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Credit is the lending of resources by one party to another under a repayment arrangement that benefits both. The lender, or the creditor, provides the means to purchase while the borrower, or debtor, repays the sum plus a certain rate of interest. Lenders assess the credit worthiness of an individual, corporate, or country through a credit rating. Typically, credit rating shows the probability of a borrower repaying the loan. Poor credit rating is often taken to be a sign one is capable of defaulting on a loan. Thus, whenever anyone with poor credit rating obtains a loan, this loan is usually for a shorter term and with higher interest. This section contains articles on the subject of credit.

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Posted by navseo. Published on May 27, 2010An individual might find it hard to go lead a decent life with no high credit score. But there could be some exceptions to this decree. You might not be good at managing your credit card debt, but yet you can still find a job in financing due to the fact that you are excellent on what you do.Better Ways Of Clearing Credit Card Debts In States

Posted by Ryan Golembiewski. Published on Mar 01, 2010Credit card is a common thing found with almost everyone in his or her wallets and purses. A credit card well explains weight gaining. One can easily gain weight but loosing is hard. Similarly, one can easily use credit card for buying stuffs but when you have to repay the credit amount, it is hard.How Effective Is A Credit Card Consolidation Loan?

Posted by Michael Johnson. Published on Feb 17, 2010With the help of a credit card consolidation loan you can pay off all your credit card bills that you currently owe to your various creditors. All your monthly payments are consolidated into one single monthly payment which you need to pay to one financial institution at a relatively low interest rate.Effective Measures To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt

Posted by Ryan Golembiewski. Published on Feb 01, 2010Credit card is an essential companion for the modern man. But with a lacklustre attitude towards your financial planning and budgetary issues the credit card can turn out to be a disaster for you.Get Out Of Credit Card Debt: Follow These Alternatives

Posted by Ryan Golembiewski. Published on Feb 01, 2010High amounts of credit card debt destabilize the life. It’s always better to not accumulate such debts for over a long period of time.Considering Various Options For A Debt Relief

Posted by Ryaan Kalim. Published on Jan 25, 2010Debt relief is a common term used by everyone. For the fact, the modern man is pretty much adapted to this term and the various situations relevant to it. Debt relief may mean different things for different people. But for most of them it refers to a kind of bankruptcy.Are You Going Through Issues Concerning Debt Relief?

Posted by Ryaan Kalim. Published on Jan 25, 2010If you are thinking about debt relief of late then it means that you are in serious trouble. For some debt relief it is equivalent to complete bankruptcy. If you are going through such a stage then some urgent action is required in no time.Why Is A Free Credit Report Important – Learn What You Need To Know Now

Posted by Paul Richerd. Published on Dec 29, 2009Credit report will list detaied information regarding your past history and accounts and also about your medical past, loans and bank accounts.Why You Need A Free Credit Report

Posted by Paul Richerd. Published on Dec 28, 2009Credit Report help in correcting and updating your financial information and also see where credit stands by availing cheapest and free credit report.Credit Card Dues â?? All Possible Ways To Payoff

Posted by BhavanaJhingan. Published on Dec 16, 2009Everyone has a credit card or two to their name. Sadly due to few wrong or unforeseen choices and situations few among us get burdened by credit card duesâ?Š But no need to worry as we at deal4loans brings you all possible choices available to solve your problem.Go to page: Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.