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A sport since the early eighties, cycling has come a long way. We, here on this site, provide you with excellent tips and information that will help you go a long way in your career in cycling. Read ahead if you want to know all about cycling like the history of cycling, different types of cycling, formats of cycling like mountain cycling or trail cycling, types of cycle, buying a good cycle etc. further, get to know about the various organizations and associations associated with the sport of cycling. Learn the safety measures when cycling and also the tips of excelling in the field of cycling. Learn how to train best for a cycling race and various tips on how to improve your timing. The best part is all the advice comes from the experts in the respective fields and hence, you can be sure that it will not go wrong. Further, we provide you with the latest news and developments in the field of cycling. Know the latest cycling events and the events to come further. We are here to ride you through to the scales of full knowledge on cycling.

Displaying 1-9 of 9 result(s).Mountain Bike Finance Can Help Your Family Enjoy The Outdoors

Posted by SarahBoothman. Published on Sep 20, 2009With foreign vacations getting and expensive, it has never been a better time to look for alternative holidays that adults and children can enjoy together. England has the ideal climate and terrain for mountain biking, and sporting holidays are great ways for families to spend time with each other without spending a fortune. Young people really enjoy biking because it allows them to try new skills, race each other and show off when they have mastered some tricks, whilst adults can keep fit and see the country side, or join in with the kids and try to race them.How Cycling Can Help Make Your Immune System Stronger

Posted by Mark SMyers. Published on Sep 19, 2009There are many benefits that can be gained from cycling, but a lot of people do not realize one of the biggest benefits is the ability cycling can have to help your body's immune system become stronger. This is the body's defense mechanism which protects us from sickness and all sorts of maladies. Here you will learn how to cycle to have a stronger immune system and improve your overall health.Electric Bikes Or Electric Scooters

Posted by DelbertLaird. Published on Jul 27, 2009The varieties of electric bicycles and scooters may cause some people who are interested in such a vehicle to stop and wonder which type is best suited to their needs and lifestyle. Electricity-powered scooters and bicycles share some common characteristics – both are propelled by electric motors with rechargeable batteries – but have some key differences as well that consumers should consider before making a purchase.This Is How To Properly Measure Your Bicycle For A Comfortable Ride

Posted by JasonHam. Published on Jul 19, 2009This is how to properly measure your bicycle for a comfortable ride and correct ride position. Measuring your bicycle is important because many manufactures label their bike sizes differently.Bicycle Safety Presentation – Bicycle Helmets

Posted by MarkHorowitz. Published on Jun 22, 2009Over the past twenty years, because of my work, I have frequently called upon to give bicycle safety presentations to all types of audiences from kids to cops. When I give presentations to kids, usually at a school assembly, I will typically break it into three parts. This first part is the introduction where I quiz the audience to see what they know and correct any misconceptions.Bike Shelters

Posted by Wesley CClarke. Published on Jun 19, 2009I have already written an article about bicycle shelters and their uses in school and businesses, in this article I will write a bit about the different types available. There are many other different Bike Shelters available in many different sizes and shapes, make sure you look around before making a decision.Riding Your Bike This Spring Can Help The Environment – And Your Weight

Posted by Henning JohnMadsen. Published on Mar 09, 2009As spring approaches rapidly, it is important to remember one of the best things about nice weather is that the outdoors is no longer a cold, windy burden. Rather, as we enter the new season, we should look at the outdoors as our destination.Planning A Century Bike Ride – Where To Start Your Training

Posted by JamesWannop. Published on Feb 15, 2009OK so you have decided you want to join the ranks of endurance athletes and  ride a century. It can be a little tricky deciding which ride to do or you may not be lucky enough to find an organized ride that is both local and at a good time. In this article I will discuss a great alternative to an organised ride – doing a solo or unsupported century.Types Of Bike Locks

Posted by JosephDevine. Published on Feb 05, 2009If you depend on your bike for commuting to work, getting around town, or personal recreation, it is important to keep your bike safe from thieves. In most cities across America, it is not uncommon for you to lose at least one bike in your life or at least have known someone who has had their bike stolen.Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.