Demetrisse Harris

Demetrisse Harris decided to take a chance on NexGenT, and found a family. He is currently a Field Support Rep for Gazion Technologies, and he loves the experience.
Let’s go back: Demetrisse was on an errand for his full-time job and decided to use his laptop to study NexGenT content while he waited. A man passed by was interested in the clip that Demetrisse overheard. It was our lesson on spanning tree protocol. He asked him what he was doing.
The man was impressed by Harris’ progress in just a few months of studying. He quizzed Harris on basic IT questions and identifications. The man looked at Harris with sharp eyes after their conversation. “Are you willing, right now, to start working part time?” The man continued, “I would like you to ride-along and see if it’s a good idea.” Demetrisse raised an eyebrow, and sought out more information. He learned that he was speaking to the owner of the company Demetrisse would work for if he accepted his offer. Demetrisse was shocked and wanted to know more.
Gazino expressed regret that NexGenT wasn’t available when he was in school for Demetrisse. He said how it would have saved him $80,000 of debt and suggested that he only gain $2,000 of IT education. It’s a sad reality, but it is something that many people have to face. NexGenT seeks to fix the broken education system.
“This card they gave to me – I live by it”
Demetrisse says, “Almost every single day I run into someone IT who wants me to help and give advice.” Signing up for the program made me feel like I had a lucky streak.
Harris loved the live interaction with the instructors and NexGenT. He loves the NexGenT online community and how he can reach out to someone with questions via a virtual program.
We value genuine connections with our students. There is no substitute for high-touch interaction when learning new skill.
“I have completely bought into the program. I am at the point where I will finish this class and take another class if it opens up. “I’m so invested in it already.” Demetrisse first became interested in IT while he was managing a music studio. He had to learn how everything was configured by himself, which he enjoyed.
He was also working in retail sales management at the time. One day, he realized that he wasn’t enjoying what he was doing anymore. He thought to himself, “I need back to school to do what I love.” He began to research different IT programs and found NexGenT.
Demetrisse was attracted to the program’s focus on the right curriculum, leaving out all the fluff – getting down to the essentials and preparing him for a job. “I love the fact that you don’t have to sit down for two hours to learn a lesson. It makes it easier for me to go back, to learn, and to write my notes.” — Lessons are kept within the modules for between 15 and 45 minutes. Very few lessons extend beyond that. Students can take breaks so they can stay focused and keep track of topics.
Demetrisse’s tip: If you are looking for more than just Cisco Packet Tracer experience, you will need to find equipment that will work for you. It can cost as little as $300 and will give you the practice you need to be confident when you start your job search or interview process.
“I don’t feel like I’m trying to sell another program that might work. I’m being in the program that is going and already is working.” He smiled, “I knew enough to tell a guy from a company, hey, let’s take you on, and we’re only a month into it.” I don’t believe that would have happened if it was with another program.”
It is amazing the support that a community can give to someone who dares to take a risk and go in a new direction. Demetrisse is full of hope and has found a real family in his pursuit of his goals.
“Thanks to NexGenT I know I’m going be successful. . Answering that email was the best decision I’ve ever made.”
We are so grateful to Demetrisse for being a part the NexGenT family. We would love to have you join us.