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Disability is lack of ability to do a thing. Disabled people are challenging people and to give care to them, you need to understand them, motivate them and make them understand how important they are to you. In our directory, there are many articles on disability that tells how to go on with them in your day today life. You become aware about the government policies that what these government people are doing for disabled people. You will come to know about various plan and tax exemptions done by government to help you. It makes you aware about different ways of treating disability and even will guide you about various kinds of disabilities, which will further help you to take various important decisions.To deal with a disabled person, you need to know about them. You need to know how they behave and everything and definitely articles at our directory will help you to do so.

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Posted by limuel batol. Published on Mar 11, 2010If you are one of those people who are handicapped then you might be looking for something that might help you to walk alone. The use of the right stair lifts will surely give you the help and the independence that you need.Disabled People Cry For Equality

Posted by PenelopeRock. Published on Dec 06, 2009There are 650 million people living with disabilities worldwide, and they all experience discrimination in many different ways. U.S. Pres. Barack Obama said, in a presidential proclamation, that discrimination against physically challenged people in workplaces and in communities still happen in the United States. He also mentioned that 90 percent of children with disabilities in developing nations are not able to attend school, and that women are all too often subjected to deep discrimination.The Day I Walked On Water

Posted by RolyClulow. Published on Dec 01, 2009This has got to stop. I have heard of magnetic attraction, I know I'm good looking and all that other flattering stuff, but this is ridiculous. How do I demagnetise myself from lizards?Wheelchairs รข?? Transportation & Life Insurance

Posted by RolyClulow. Published on Nov 06, 2009The determination to stay mobile has had it's trials and tribulations since being advised that I have a disease called Inclusion Body Myositis.I have been a very wobbly walker for the past eight years or so and progressed from wobbly unaided to wobbly aided over this space in time. My first walking stick was one I inherited from my mother in law.Buying An Electric Powered Wheelchair

Posted by BillDurkson. Published on Oct 22, 2009Your answers to these questions will determine which type of electric powered wheelchair is suitable for you. And it will make selecting the right one easier, particularly as you will be able to quickly eliminate chairs that don't meet your needs.What Is A House Wheelchair?

Posted by BillWitherspoon. Published on Oct 20, 2009House wheelchairs are great to have for indoor use. Read this article to find out what house wheelchairs are and if you should have one or not.Federal Grants For The Disabled: Giving Them More Than What They Deserve

Posted by PrimozBorovnik. Published on Oct 19, 2009To apply for federal grants for the disabled, you should know that federal grants are authorized financial support handed out by the federal government agency which is mostly approved by US law.Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Posted by frankdiaz. Published on Oct 13, 2009Why some experience chronic fatigue and others do not, seems to be related to their immune systems.Easy Wheelchair Exercises For The Disabled – Bicep Curl For Your Arms

Posted by HelenHecker. Published on Sep 24, 2009If you're currently spending many hours in a wheelchair because of a disability and are not getting any sort of exercise, there are a number of exercises you can do from your wheelchair that will help keep you fit. It's not difficult to plan a fitness program regardless of the disability and you can set aside a time every day to do your exercises and workout. Perhaps you want to have it coincide with a regular TV program. But setting a time for it every day is important.Developing Upper Body Strength In The Paraplegic Athlete!

Posted by BrandonRichey. Published on Aug 21, 2009If you are a paraplegic looking to develop superior upper-body power then you have arrived at the right place. Permit yourself a minute to read the following article to learn how you can achieve superior upper-body strength!