Equifax Aftermath: Cyber Security Heroes are in Growing Demand

Equifax, the third largest US consumer credit agency, admitted on September 7th that it had been the victim of a cyber-attack. It could have affected up to 143,000,000 customers. This is nearly half of the total US population. This Equifax security breach, which exposed crucial personal information, is not only one of the largest in US history.
Bloomberg reported that Equifax was accused of being negligent in failing to protect consumers’ data. They also claimed that they chose to save money over spending on technical safeguards that could have prevented the attack.

Take proactive steps to ensure security
What lessons can we learn from this massive hacking attack? Many argue that the government should create industry-specific standards for data security. One thing is clear: Equifax’s breach is yet another example of why IT departments must continue to invest in cyber security training and best practices. It is crucial to have a company-wide understanding about best practices in creating a secure company culture.

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