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What is ergonomics? Ergonomics is concerned with the type of work you do and your job environment. In other words, its aim is to discover the best balance between you and your job conditions. Before looking for any information on ergonomics, you should know its following 5 aspects: Safety, Comfort, Ease of use, Productivity/performance, Aesthetics. This subject is really so broad that there is even a society related to ergonomics – which is called “International Ergonomics Association”. You may ask:“what is the link between ergonomics and health”. In fact, ergonomics is one of important human factors that is directly concerned to safety and ill-health at work. If one carefully takes into consideration ergonomics, then he/she can improve health and safety at workplace. So regularly visit this category to find out all new ways, as well as tips and tricks related to ergonomics. You’ll be always in safety at work, thanks to our helpful guide.

Displaying 1-10 of 17 result(s).Go to page: Hcg- Effective Method In Losing Weight

Posted by Chris Henry. Published on Oct 23, 2009Are you looking for an effective method when it comes to losing weight? Then this article is the right one for you.The Wrong Ways To Sit On Your Office Chair

Posted by ChelseaAlves. Published on Oct 15, 2009Who would have thought there was a wrong way to sit in an office chair? I guess there is a wrong way to do just about anything, but when it becomes detrimental to your health, that is when a real problem arises.Anti-fatigue Matting In Workstation Design

Posted by MattTimme. Published on Oct 11, 2009With the age of the standard workforce getting older, it is very important to use anti-fatigue mats and matting to put operators in a good ergonomic position. Unfortunately, injuries related to repetitive lifting are commonplace in most current manufacturing facilities. This is mostly due to the fact that the operators work cell was not laid out correctly in the first place.Ergonomic Office Furniture – Do You Work At A Desk Or Computer All Day?

Posted by DeeCohen. Published on Sep 23, 2009Learn about how ergonomic furniture can be beneficial for your back and keep your wrists at the best angle to prevent injury. Why has ergonomic office furniture become so popular?Creating An Ergonomic Workstation

Posted by ChristopherO’Shea. Published on Aug 30, 2009If you spend much time in front of your computer on a regular basis, an important thing to consider is creating an ergonomic workstation. While sitting at a computer may seem like a fairly safe activity, in many cases it can be harmful and dangerous to your health.Home Based Business Opportunity – How Do Ergonomics Affect Your Health?

Posted by NoelCrowe. Published on Aug 04, 2009When working at home, you tend to take fewer breaks from work. ,you invariably spend a lot of time on your computer. An LCD monitor is better than a regular tube monitor, because it does not give out ultraviolet radiations. Place your keyboard in such a position, that when you type, your shoulders and hands are loose and relaxed. Resting your wrists on the table when you use the mouse is not advisable. Working from home allows you to customize your office space according to your personal preferences.How To Choose The Right Office Chair

Posted by CaseyByshop. Published on Jul 20, 2009When it comes to buying an office chairs you will soon discover there are many different shapes and styles to select from. It is important therefore that you spend time looking at the various different one's and comparing them. Below we offer a few tips on what you should be doing in order to choose the best office chair for you.Ergonomic Office Furniture – A Guide To Smart Working

Posted by BenLittlefield. Published on Jul 03, 2009Some of the most cutting-edge designers of office furniture and computer accessories are working in the ergonomic environment. Many individuals look at the eye-popping design of a cool new chair or keyboard and are shocked to learn that, "wow, it's comfortable too!" Ergonomic office chairs can provide a level of comfort that goes above and beyond that found in standard chairs.Have A Stress Free Workplace – Apply Ergonomic Workstation

Posted by RoseWindale. Published on Jun 05, 2009Ergonomics is defined by Wikipedia as the scientific discipline concerned with designing according to human needs, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data and methods to design in order to optimize human well-being and overall system performance. Ergonomics as a subject has 5 factors. They are Safety, Comfort, Ease of Use, Productivity and Performance and Aesthetics.Ergonomic Understanding Is Paramount For Caregivers

Posted by LanceWinslow. Published on May 25, 2009Caregivers must understand the reality of ergonomics, fragile bones, and old age obviously, but there is a lot to it. You see, the psyche, and sense of independence is also very important for an older person's self esteem – if they feel incapable or unable to do things for themselves and by themselves they get depressed; wouldn't you?Go to page: Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.