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The Microsoft 70-768 exam targets business intelligence (BI), developers who are interested in creating BI solutions that include multidimensional data models, implementing and maintaining OLAP Cubes, and implementing tabular models. The exam tests your ability to create multidimensional BI models, tabular models, and query using Multidimensional Expressions and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) in multidimensional BI.
Who should take the exam
This exam is for business intelligence (BI), developers who are interested in creating BI solutions. They will need to implement multidimensional data models, maintain OLAP cubes, as well as implement tabular data models.
Learning Objectives
Microsoft, a dominant player, provides the necessary documentation to meet the needs and interests of today’s learners. Potential aspirants can find the relevant information and subtopics in every domain easily.
The Microsoft 70-768 exam examines four key areas.
Create a multidimensional business intelligence semantic model (BI)
Design a tabular (BI), semantic model
Multidimensional Expressions (MDX), and Data Analysis Expressionss (DAX) can be used to create queries.
Configure and maintain SQL Server Analysis Services.
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Study Guide to qualify Microsoft 70-768 exam
Some candidates seem to be able to do well with last-minute study, but this is often not the best way to prepare for exams. To excel in the 70-768 exam, we recommend following our preparatory guide. This section will provide you with a step-by-step guide to pass the 70-768 exam. Why wait? Let’s get started.
Exam Objectives
It is important to review all exam objectives before you start your preparations. This will give you a clear understanding of all the topics and skills you need to be successful in each exam. Exam objectives will ensure that you are clear about your topic and allow you to focus on your preparation. Exam objectives can help strengthen the modules and subtopics.
Online Training
Candidates can get the most accurate information about the exam through theMicrosoft Learning platform. These study materials are available to candidates who are taking the 70-768 exam. Simply search for the 70-768 exam to find the necessary information that will assist you in understanding the material.
Books – The Ultimate Guide
Through training, books can help you gain more knowledge. They are your best friend and your oldest. Books are a great way to learn without interruption. Here are some books that might be of interest to you.
Exam Ref 70-768: Developing SQL Data Models by Stacia Vaga
Martin Kleppmann: Designing data-intensive applications: The Big Ideas Behind Reliable, Scalable and Maintainable Systems
Instructor-Led Training
Microsoft offers both instructor-led and free online training to its potential candidates. This is a great opportunity. These online training sessions are conducted by industry-recognized instructors and experts. These training sessions offer a few additional benefits, such as increased convenience, flexible scheduling and quick responses.
Practice Tests
Practice tests are a great way to gain insight into the topics you are not familiar with. These tests can be practiced after you have read the entire syllabus. Practice tests will help you to get a good understanding of the exam environment. Practice tests will help you to quickly identify the areas that you are lacking in and how you can improve them.
Practice and prepare for the Developing SQL Data Models (70-768) Exam