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The Microsoft 70-778 Exam demonstrates real-world proficiency in Power BI data analysis, visualization and analysis. This exam is for data analysts and BI professionals who are ready to move up in their careers. The professionals concentrate on the critical thinking skills and decision-making abilities required to succeed at the MCSA level.
Who should take the exam
Candidates should have a solid understanding of Power BI for data analysis and be able to apply for the exam. Candidates must be familiar with connecting and performing data transformations, modelling data and visualizing it using Microsoft Power BI Desktop. They should also be able to configure dashboards using the Power BI service. Candidates should also be proficient at implementing direct connectivity to Microsoft SQL Azure, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), as well as data analysis in Microsoft Excel.
This exam is ideal for:
Professionals in BI
Data analysts
Candidates will be able to create reports using Power BI.
Microsoft Exam 70-778 : Learning Objectives
Candidates who pass the exam will be able understand and perform these tasks.
First, let’s talk about self-service BI.
Secondly, we will describe the Power BI suite products.
Afterwards, connect to data sources and optimize data models.
You can also combine data from different sources by shaping and combining them.
You can also model data and create reports, as well as manage solutions.
Lastly, we will explain the Power BI mobile application and Power BI developer API.
Let’s now get to the study guide. If you feel that you don’t know enough about the exam, CLICK HERE!
Study Guide for Microsoft Exam 70-778
Microsoft offers the best preparation and methods to help candidates pass the 70-778 exam.
Microsoft Learning Platform
Candidates can access theMicrosoft Learning platform to obtain information about the exam by using the learning materials. These study materials can be accessed via the official exam page for the 70-778 exam. This means that you only need to search for the 70-778 test to find the necessary information to help you understand it better.
Instructor Led Training
Microsoft has granted an advantage to candidates who have received Instructor-led training. This three-day instructor-led course provides students the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze data using Power BI. This course is intended for BI professionals who are required to analyze Power BI data. The course’s secondary audience is business users who are technically proficient. Candidates will be able describe self-service and Power BI products, including connecting to data sources and optimizing their data models, after completing this course. Students will be able – after the course is completed.
First, describe self-service BI.
Explain the Power BI suite.
Connect to data sources and optimize data model.
You can also combine data from different sources.
The Power BI developer API is also available.
The Power BI mobile application is the most important.
Microsoft Online Training
This course will teach candidates how to use Power BI from Microsoft. It consists of a series short videos that are lecture-based and include demos, quizzes and hands-on labs. They will learn how to use Power BI Desktop to create reports, import data and publish them to the Power BI service. They will also learn how to create dashboards, share them with business users on the web and mobile devices.
Reference Books
Microsoft offers the official study guide for Microsoft 70-778 Analyzing, Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI certification. This guide is designed to help candidates improve their exam performance and their job skills. It also focuses on the areas of expertise IT professionals need to analyze and visualize data using Power BI.
Joining Study Groups
Study groups are a great way to help you prepare for the exam. These groups will allow you to stay connected with others who are following the same path as you. You can also start a discussion about any question or issue related to the exam. This will ensure that you get the best answer possible to your question.
Exam Practice Tests
This is a crucial part of the preparation for the exam. Practice tests are essential because they will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Time is an important factor in the exam, as we all know. You can save time by practicing your answering skills. Also, practice tests can be started after you have completed a topic. This will serve as a revision section. Make sure you find the best practice resources.
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