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Are you ready for the Microsoft Database Fundamentals exam 98-364? You are looking for a study guide?
The Expert Study Guide includes learning resources that will help you evaluate your preparation. You can also take a practice test to identify your weak points. This step-by-step guide for Microsoft Exam 98-364 will help you get on the right track. You can pass the exam by putting in the effort and preparing for it.
About Exam 98-364 – Microsoft Database Fundamentals
Exam 98-364: MTA Database Foundations validates candidates’ database knowledge. Candidates who attempt this exam seek to demonstrate and verify their basic knowledge and related skills with databases. This includes relational databases such as Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft’s newest suite of technology certification exams, the MTA, certifies the fundamental knowledge required to start building a career using Microsoft technologies. This program is designed to give you a good entry point into a career in technology. It requires some training or experience.
Who should take the Microsoft exam 98-364?
Candidates who are applying for the exam need to be familiar with the concepts and have experience using the technologies. This can be done by either taking training courses or working with tutorials and samples on MSDN and Microsoft Visual Studio. While it is recommended that candidates have minimal hands-on experience using the technologies, this is not a requirement for these exams.
Target Audience
All individuals who are just starting out in IT or looking to improve their knowledge.
Sceondly is for IT professionals who want to consolidate and prepare for the MCSA exams.
Study Guide for Exam Number 98-364: Microsoft Database Foundations
Oracle certifications are industry-recognized and can give you an edge over other candidates. A professional certification will increase your employability and demonstrate your ability. This exam requires that you prepare and study well. This Microsoft MTA 98-364 Study Guide will keep you up-to-date with all the relevant resources and help you find the job that is right for you. Let’s get started.
Step 1: Refer to the 98-364 Exam Objectives
To obtain the Microsoft MTA exam 98-364 study manual, you should first visit the official Microsoft website. This is a smart move as you want to only trust the best website for authentic information. All information about the 98-364 exam can be found on the portal. The portal covers everything you need to know about the exam, including the pattern and all the modules and study materials. You should familiarize yourself with the objectives and course domains for the exam. You can get a deeper understanding of each domain of the Microsoft 98-364 exam. The following domains are covered by the MTA Database Fundamentals Exam (98-364) objectives:
Domain 1: Understanding core database concepts (20-25%). This domain covers understanding how data is stored in tables. Additionally, this domain covers Relational database concepts, Data manipulation languages (DML), as well as Data definition language (DDL).
Secondly Domain 2- Create database objects (20-25%). This includes choosing relevant data types. Next, understanding the tables and creating them. Also, creating views, stored procedures, and functions.
Domain 3- Manipulate data (25-30%): This includes selecting data, inserting data and updating data.
Domain 4- Understanding data storage (15-20%): This domain also includes Normalization. Additionally, primary, foreign, and composite keys. Then, Indexes.
Domain 5- Administering a Database (10-15%): This domain focuses primarily on Database security concepts, Database backups, and restore.
Step 2 – Explore Learning Resources
If you have the right resources, passing the exam can be simple. Be sure that the content is accurate and reliable. How well you prepare for and pass the exam will depend on which resources you choose. You need to be careful when choosing preparatory materials. It can be difficult to choose from the many resources on the market. We have compiled a list of highly recommended resources that you should include in your preparations.
Register for Instructor-led Training
Database Administration Fundamentals: MTA Exam 98-364
This three-day MTA Training Course is designed to prepare an aspirant for the Microsoft Technology Associate Exam (98-364). It also provides an opportunity to gain a solid understanding of key topics such as core database concepts, creating and manipulating database objects, managing a database, data storage, and administering a database. You will be able to gain proficiency in the following areas after completing Microsoft 98-364 training.
First, Core Database Concepts
Secondly, creation of database objects
Third, Manipulation of Data
Data Storage
Administration of a Database
Microsoft Books: The Traditional Way to Learn
Candidates can use books to help them prepare for the exam. They provide detailed explanations of exam concepts. Microsoft offers reference books that can help you study for the exam. To get a deeper understanding of the exam objectives and to help you pass the test, visit Microsoft Press Books. The following books are part of the MTA Database Fundamentals Exam98 364:
Microsoft 98-364 exam Database Fundamentals – This book will prepare you for your examinations in the shortest time possible. This book also includes realistic questions that can be helpful during the exams.
Step 3 – Join an Online Community
No matter where it is held, a healthy discussion is always a good thing. A greater number of people can help increase the chances of resolving an issue.