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Are you preparing to take the Microsoft 98-368 Mobility and Device Fundamentals Exam. Are you looking for a study guide that will help you prepare for the exam? We have you covered. Here’s a step-by, comprehensive study guide. This guide is a wealth of information that will provide you with expert guidance and the right resources. Follow our step-by-step guide to help you start your preparation. Let’s take a look at all the details needed to pass the exam before we begin.
About Exam 98-368 Mobility and Device Fundamentals
Exam 98-368 Mobility & Device Fundamentals tests your ability to understand technical responsibilities such understanding device arrangement, data access and management, device security, cloud services, and conjecturing enterprise mobile.
Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), a new certification track, is designed to help students and professionals in technology careers and courses. The MTA program curriculum provides instructors with the tools to teach and verify fundamental technology concepts. It also provides students with the foundation they need for their careers and the courage to pursue advanced studies.
Learning Path
This certification gives students the confidence, credibility, as well as differentiation. The candidate will be awarded the MTA: Device Fundamentals credential after passing the Exam 98-368 Mobility and Device Fundamentals.
Source: MicrosoftExam Prerequisites
Candidates must have experience with Windows devices, Windows based networking, Active Directory and anti-malware products.
Microsoft 98-368 Study guide
We now have all the information we need, let’s move on to gather all the expert resources needed to start our preparation. We have outlined the key steps to help you create a schedule and prepare for Exam 98-368 Mobility and Device Fundamentals.
Step 1 – Exam Objectives Review
An even more detailed look at each domain of the Microsoft 98-368 exam may give you a better idea of the exam’s goals. Now it’s time for you to read the Official Exam Guide and grasp the concepts. The Course Outline is an important part of your preparations. Make sure to focus your study on the topics covered by the exam. These are the Microsoft 98-368 objectives.
Domain 1 – Understand device configurations (20-25%): This domain covers concepts such as Configure device options, Configure desktop settings. Also, Configure drive encryption.
Domain 2: Data access and management (20-25%) – This domain focuses on the topics of Describe cloud storage services, Local storage, and File systems. Further, you will need to describe file and print sharing as well as data encryption.
Domain 3- Understanding device security (20-25%): The domain also includes the conceps that describe the differences between an intranet and an extranet. Then, Describe user authentication. Also, describe permissions and describe malware.
Domain 4- Understanding cloud services (20-25%): This domain focuses on topics such as Describe the types and uses of cloud services. Next, describe Microsoft Intune or Microsoft Azure.
Domain 5- Understanding enterprise mobility (20-25%): It also covers Describe identity services. Further, Domain 5- Understand enterprise mobility (20-25%): Finally it covers Describe identity services.
Step 2 – Refer Microsoft Learning Platform
Microsoft offers many learning paths. Candidates should visit the official Microsoft website. The official website contains all information. Microsoft offers many learning paths and documentations for this exam. It is easy to find the relevant content on the Microsoft website.
Microsoft Documentation can help you learn more
Microsoft Documentsare an excellent learning resource for Exam 98-368 Mobility and Device Fundamentals. You will find documentation for every topic related to this exam. This step is extremely valuable in preparation for the MTA: Mobility & Device Fundamentals exam.
Step 3 – Sign up for Instructor-Led Training
You can access the training programs provided by Micorosft on their website. Instructor-led training is a valuable resource to prepare for the exam 98-368. The instructor-led training can be found on the exam page on the Microsoft website. There are many training courses that can be taken before a particular exam. Microsoft offers the following training programs.
Course 40368 A: Mobility & Devices Fundamentals – MTA Exam 98-368
Step 4 – Books your Best Friends
The next step in the preparation guide should be books or study guides. For exam preparation, you will need to find relevant and reliable books by experts. Candidates can use books to help them prepare for the certification exam. Books are a great way to learn about the Microsoft Mobility and Devices Fundamentals exam. We recommend that you read the book:
Microsoft Official Academic Course Exam 98-368 MTA Mobility & Device Fundamentals
Step 5 – Join an Study Group
An online community is a great way to find out your position in the market. You can communicate with your competitors and stay focused. This will give you the opportunity to increase your knowledge and prepare for the exam. These groups will be helpful in exam preparation, but they will also help you clear your doubts and get you well trained for success.
Step 6 – Practice Test and Self Evaluation