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Fatherhood is a topic which needs a lot of care for many people are either scared or deem themselves not capable to be fathers. Fatherhood involves giving guidance to your kids on top of being the head of the family. It entails being the role model and the father figure for your kids. Sometimes fatherhood extends further from your own kids to adopted kids or your relative who live with you. The responsibilities that go with the fatherhood are providing food, shelter, clothes, health, education, safety, love and many others. But the basics needs are the most important. This section has it all; tips on fatherhood, testimonies, information, education, safety and many others. It also offers discussions on the experiences of other fathers and issues rise where different people offer their opinions thus your problems are solved. We also include the relationship to your spouse so that they are not left out.

Displaying 1-10 of 17 result(s).Go to page: Lots Of Areas Unanswered With Child Support Payment

Posted byJustin. Published on Jan 18, 2010One thing to consider, however, is that the court may only go by court ordered visitation or custody documents. If a father does not obtain court orders, the court may consider their time spent with the child at 0%, which may drive up the cost of payments.Is Man's Role Reversal A Step Down? Modern Man And His New Roles

Posted Published on Nov 05, 2009Today's men have a series of roles to fulfill, unlike his elderly predecessors who enjoyed a sole function as provider and bread winner. As modern women earn , many men stay at home to look after the kids.Tips For New Fathers

Posted by AngelaLinton. Published on Oct 16, 2009A new father can do several things to strengthen his relationship with his new baby. The bond that could be formed here will be well worth the effort. So, jump in there with both feet.7 Effective Character Building Tips

Posted by Francis EdoOlotu. Published on Sep 11, 2009Building the character of your child is the noblest task of a father because it leaves a lasting impression on the child while society benefits from it. A father must have a large repertoire of strategies to enable him achieve this goal.Manhood – The Responsibility Of The Man In The Society

Posted by BelshebaNyabwa. Published on Sep 08, 2009A man that fails in his obligation to take care of his family is an abuse to manhood and has lost his worth and honor as a leader. Even if he has no family to take care of, a man needs to set his priorities right if he is to receive the nobility of headship.Character Development Is At The Heart Of Fathering

Posted by Francis EdoOlotu. Published on Aug 30, 2009Character can be described as the moral constitution of a person that determines the way that person lives his/her life. It is one word that describes a person's nature and the principles on which that person lives his/her life. Though character is an old idea, it continues to be relevant today especially in the corporate world and service industry.Honoring Fathers

Posted by KimberlyChastain. Published on Aug 27, 2009Christian men, and non-Christian Dads as well, need encouragement. God has high expectations for fathers and how they are to lead their children. So, what can we do to encourage the Dads in our lives?Having Twins – The Truth About Having And Growing Twins

Posted by AlbertoAbudara. Published on Aug 19, 2009When you tell somebody that you are expecting twins, you will likely receive an answer like this: Oh! Twins! That's lot of work. Good luck !But is it really so hard? In this article I will try to answer that question.Whittling: A Dying Art

Posted by WangKaixuan. Published on Jul 13, 2009You don't see that any . Most boys of today wouldn't know how to just whittle a stick into a pile of shavings, much less be able to carve out some representation of real life.How A Train Table Helped Me Bond With My Toddler

Posted by MichaelDebyah. Published on Jun 29, 2009Learn how a kid's TV show about talking trains helped me bond and become closer with my two year old son. We now have something in common – our love of Thomas the Tank Engine!Go to page: Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.