Find a handbag

This post is for Gents about Earned Value Analysis*.
My trusted handbag for work is ending its useful life. It was purchased in Brussels by me while visiting a friend. I was excited to see that there were still C&A shops in Brussels, even though the chain had been closed for many years in the UK. So we went in and I spent 7EUR on a green bag. It has been used almost daily since then, and it has seen a lot of abuse from being stuffed in my desk drawer at office. It can hold a novel or A5 notebook. There are pockets for keys, phone accessories, Oyster card, and keys. The adjustable strap allows me to wear it over my shoulder or across my body. It has been my perfect office bag for more than two years.
The other day, a tube of lipgloss got soiled in it and that was the trigger for a clean out. Recently, I went on a training course and packed my own teabags. I never unpacked them. They were a little shabby at the bottom. I also realized that I hadn’t kept track of my expenses for around two months, and that the receipts were looking a bit ragged.
Since a while, I have been searching for a new bag. I visited New York City in March and went to the department stores thinking that I could benefit from the great exchange rate. But I didn’t buy anything. I then went to London half-heartedly to search for a replacement. The lipgloss incident was the final straw. Saturday was the last straw. I brought another friend to the Radley shop on King’s Road, Chelsea and promised not to leave until I had spent an exorbitant amount on a practical, functional bag for work.
We actually left before I had spent any money. After narrowing down the choices to three, we went for lunch across the street and returned for a final look. Radley handbags are an investment, not something to be bought in a hurry.
When I was younger, I didn’t care much about labels and brands. Paris’s French trends were difficult to follow, and many of the designers were people I hadn’t heard of or didn’t rate. It seems that some of the London scene is starting to show signs of life, and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing. I can spot Radley Scottie dogs at 100 yards. I can see the difference between Cath Kidston’s Rambling Rose fabric prints and Washed Roses fabric prints by just one glance as I pass someone on an escalator. These are skills I never thought I would have and I’m embarrassed to admit that I do have them. I will take great pleasure in transferring all my office paraphernalia from my green fake leather C&A7EUR bag to a Radley bag. I will then put it in my office drawer as I do every day. The true test of quality will be how it holds up to daily abuse.
* No. It’s all about handbags. Let me know if you have any questions about how to calculate the Cost Performance Index for a handbag over its four-year lifespan, taking into consideration five days per week of planned use.