Five Misunderstandings About Cisco CCIE

Because of its reputation and popularity, Cisco CCIE Certification has been referred to as the doctoral degree for network elites. This certification is for network professionals who have at least three to five years of experience in Cisco network technology.

There are many myths about this certification due to the difficulty of the test. These are five common misconceptions about Cisco CCIE Certification. These misunderstandings will be addressed in this article.

Misunderstanding 1 – You can’t pass CCIE Lab Test

While many people fail the Lab Test, it is not impossible to pass. Many apprentices gave up on CCIE Certification after failing the Lab Test. It is not advisable to spread such ideas. However, “sympathy” is that many others have experienced the same thing, making this misunderstanding even more common. It is clear that CCIE Exam success requires a lot planning. You will need to create a study plan, participate in training exercises, demonstrate strong test taking strategies, and manage your time effectively.

Misunderstanding 2 – CCIE is still worthless

This might seem like a stupid idea. Although many professionals have received CCIE Certification, it does not diminish the value of CCIE certification. Its value has actually increased. It is worth considering. You will be able to hold the titles of Senior Network Engineer or Network Architect, Processing Plan Architect, Senior Systems Engineer, Manager, and Network Architect if you have obtained CCIE Routing & Switching Certification. The importance of the titles “Senior”, “Manager” must be recognized. Your salary is another indicator of the value and importance of CCIE. You might be able to ask for a higher salary in the IT industry if you have CCIE Certification. Based on their experience, a senior employee with CCIE Routing & Switching Certification Certificate could earn between USD 60,048 to USD 168,860 annually, according to the salary comparison of CCIE Students.

Misunderstanding 3: You must understand all before you can pass the CCIE Certification Exam

There is no one way to get CCIE Certification. It is not wise to say that there is only one way to get CCIE Certification. Each person learns differently. Some apprentices prefer to use books, while others prefer video training. Every apprentice must be certain that the learning and practice methods they choose are right for them. Senior CCIE Lecturer reminds that all learners who wish to earn CCIE Certification must practice as much as they can to gain experience. It is not necessary to be afraid of the Lab. For systematic learning, you might also consider Cisco VIRL Network Simulation Platform and 24-hour Real Machine Laboratory.

Misunderstanding 4 – Invigilators don’t treat everyone equally

This is another lie that test takers tell. Invigilators are trained to help candidates with equipment problems and prevent fraud. However, fraud cannot destroy the authentication process.

Misunderstanding 5 – There is no youth required to get CCIE Certification

Ordinary people can only practice their promises in the laboratory for 500 to 700 hours. This requires perseverance. Only elites can persevere with their dreams, but that does not mean you cannot spend time with your family and friends. It is important to set a schedule. It should include time to relax after training, such watching movies or visiting online cafes.