Frequently Asked Questions in a Interview with a Penetration & Vulnerability Tester

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT), a comprehensive security assessment service, is designed to identify and address cyber security weaknesses in an organization’s IT infrastructure. The most sought-after job in cyber security is VAPT. These are the most common interview questions. Make sure you fully understand them.

Interview Questions
Question 1. Question 1.
Answer: A vulnerability assessment is a quick assessment on network devices, servers and systems in order to detect critical vulnerabilities and configuration flaws that could be exploited by an attacker.
Question 2. Question 2.
Answer: A cyber-security expert attempts exploit vulnerabilities in a computer network through penetration testing. This simulate attack is used to identify any weaknesses in the defenses of a system that could be exploited by attackers.
Question 3. Question 3.
Enterprises can gain actionable insight about security threats within the system
Businesses need VAPT
Customers often ask their providers and partners for security certificates. VAPT comes in handy here
VAPT protects data and information from unauthorized access
Question 4. Question 4.
Answer: If VPAT operations are part an enterprise, the following deliverables will keep the IT staff current on cybersecurity issues:
Executive Report
Technical Report
Real-time Dashboard

Question 5. Question 5.
Answer: Tools for vulnerability assessment
Question 6. Who is responsible to Vulnerability Assessment?
Answer: Vulnerability Assessment is the responsibility of the Asset Owner. The Asset Owner is responsible for scanning the IT asset as part of the vulnerability management process.
Question 7. Question 7.
Answer: VAPT should always be performed in accordance to the internal change cycle, laws, and regulatory requirements.
Question 8. Question 8.
Answer: Yes. You can either do a vulnerability assessment or penetration testing.
Question 9. Question 9.
Answer: The VAPT fees are often dependent on the activity that would be completed. The estimated cost will depend on the number of devices, servers and program sizes, as well as the number of locations.
Question 10. Question 10.
Before entering into a contract to breach security
Be aware of malware, infections, and spyware at your workstation
After significant changes are made to a website/network,
Unauthorized network activity was detected

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