Gamers Advance to the Next Level of IT. You can use your skills to win a six-figure job.

IT professionals and gamers are alike. Both are team players. Both are tech geeks. Both were wired as children. The difference? The main difference? IT professionals who are top-notch hang out in the boardroom and not the bedroom.
Many of the most famous coders, network engineers, or developers began their careers as gamers.
John Romero is a programmer/developer and a one-time software engineer. (His favorite video game? “Chrono Trigger” on the SNES).Programmer/engineer John Carmack. (“Quake III Arena”) on Windows. Chris Sawyer, designer/programmer (“Transport Tycoon Deluxe”, Windows — a program he wrote! Both gamers and IT professionals share similar personality traits. Both share a competitive streak. You can’t play Fortnite without one. And the will to succeed. (Just ask programmer-turned-billionaire-businessman Tim Sweeney!)
There are obvious similarities between successful IT professionals such as network engineers and gamers. You can use your skills to get a job in the lucrative IT industry if you play at home. You won’t have to give up the controller!
Get certified as an IT professional and use your gaming skills
You want to work in the gaming industry. This is a highly competitive industry — there are 2.6billion gamers worldwide, up 100 million in 1995 — so it is important to develop new skills to increase your chances of success. IT is one route to this sector. IT allows you to hone many skills you have developed while playing video games, such as spatial awareness, enhanced coordination, memory recall, problem solving, multitasking, and improved coordination.
You can get the training you need from a professional to learn the skills and industry awards you need to land your first job. Talented gamers are needed in the IT sector. You’ll love it.
What you can expect from IT work:
Every day is different. (You can work on different projects. The chance to transfer your gaming skills into real-world environments. Many people who work in IT are gamers. There are many opportunities for career advancement. You can make a lot of money! Continue reading to learn how much. As you probably know, there are many IT job roles, including developers, coders, and designers. Network engineering is a highly-demanded job. In many ways, network engineers are similar to gamers. Both possess excellent hand-eye coordination. Both can solve complex problems. Both plan strategically. (If you’ve played Civilization, then you know what we mean.
Check out this Ubisoft job posting. The company is looking for a network engineer and will pay a lot to the right candidate. You are a gamer and have many of these skills.
This is a skill that you can have as a gamer: “Understanding computer and console gaming networking systems and technologies.”
“Strong communication skills and interpersonal skills; the ability work in a team. “And this!
“Self-directed, focused, detail-oriented. “And this!
While you won’t be able to know everything, you can quickly learn the basics of client/server models, peer/peer models, and compensation for latency. Even if you have never worked in IT, you can become a certified network engineer ready for work in 3 months. (Or you’ve never held a job before!)
How to move from gaming to network engineering

Network engineers work with many elements of the computer network. Video games can be compared to these components in theory. Many of the skills you have gained in gaming can be transferred to IT.
You will be able to optimize network systems and work with other engineers to improve performance. You’ll also:
Maintain code. Develop code. Improve network reliability. Secure data systems. “Network modeling and analysis are some of the other duties you might have as a computer network engineer. explains that this means you will need to analyze the specific networking needs of a company and determine which software or hardware solutions will best suit them. “You will then plan, install, and manage the various solutions, which could include wireless adapters, routers or network drivers.
Are you up for the challenge?
Network engineers could be a rewarding career for those who enjoy gaming. You can also continue to play the video games that you love. Some IT professionals “game” outside work, while others play at work.
Why you should work in Cybersecurity as an Gamer

You can become a network engineer or another type of IT professional in almost any niche if you have the right gaming skills. One of the most lucrative is Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity.
There are many similarities between cybersecurity network engineers and gamers, so this should not be a difficult career. A recent study found that ninety-two per cent of gamers agree that they possess critical cybersecurity skills, including perseverance, logic and understanding of “adversaries”. Gamers are also more likely to spot cybersecurity threats than traditional cybersecurity employees.
TechRepublic reports that “[the majority] of cybersecurity professionals believe the current generation entering work who grew up playing videogames are better candidates for cybersecurity positions.” “Video gamers are an emerging talent pool that may help organizations remain safe as cybersecurity professionals struggle to keep up with changing threats.
It can be very rewarding to work in cybersecurity. You can detect threats, assist innocent people and fight against the “bad guys” just like in popular video games. You can also work with multinational corporations and governments in the fight against cybercrime.