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Who doesn’t like games? Some people play contact sports or active games, while others play in boardrooms and on their phones. Games keep people interested and engaged in getting more from a given thing.
I find it very difficult to exercise in a gym. Outdoor or active sports are better for me. Gamification is a better way to stay fit than the traditional, mundane method of exercising. Gamification or games can be used as a learning tool to enhance the experience. It is more engaging, more connected and more evolving than traditional learning methods.
When I dropped my daughter off at the playschool, years ago, the idea for Gamification was born. She is shy and difficult to get along with. The playschool offered many activities and games that helped her understand the objective better and also made it easier for her to bond with other children to learn the subject.
We used the same method for grown-ups, and tried many different games. In our context, the grown-ups are those with 5-30 years of professional experience and who are either practitioners, aspirants, or experts in their respective fields. They come to us seeking Project Management knowledge. This is not common sense as people think. All participants recognize the “Value” of their 4 day workshop.
The class becomes a lively active class when we add the “Gamification” methodology to help them understand project management. Participants are able to explore a lot of possibilities and learn things exponentially.
We play Mind the Gap, a simple game that participants can play at the beginning of the session. Participants instantly break down their inhibitions and become friends as they go into their lunch break. It is much easier for the instructor and the participants to establish a bond or connection.
*Game-based interactive methodology used in our Training (PMP training in Mumbai workshop).
Many have appreciated our “Game-based Interactive” method. Today, they refer us for the “Gamification” alone, despite having other important highlighters.
Gamification in learning will be more disruptive over time and more so for professionals who want a break from mundane office work.
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