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When the real estate market is booming, what it is looking to give back to society what the society provided it with is green Real Estate.Green real estate has come to stay in commercial buildings where most of the newly constructed commercial buildings have been constructed on sustainable raw materials and are proving to be a safe to the environment.Government is laying down rules and regulations to build green offices and green commercial complexes for the betterment of the atmosphere.This is also contributing towards the progress of the Green Real Estate. Pollution has increased considerably and because the availability of money amongst the common public has increased, the traffic has also contributed.Amidst all these vagaries, the answer to a better tomorrow where the effects of global warming are not felt too much lies in these green buildings that are proposed to being built.However, green real estate in the context of housing properties and housing complexes is yet to catch up.

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Posted by Ron Wesley. Published on Jan 07, 2010The world has witnessed the sudden surge in the house prices in hot abroad real estate countries, with UK recording the highest. the real estate has suffered a major set back in countries like UK, USA and various European countries.Greening Architecture

Posted by Andy Fox. Published on Nov 09, 2009Due to the growing understanding of people regarding climate change and global warming, it was not immediately seen that even construction and architecture will be affected by several proposals of using nature friendly materials.Building Green – A Discussion On Leed Certification

Posted by EricOdum. Published on Sep 14, 2009Award winning LEED Architect Michael Carson talks about what it means to be LEED, why a building owner or tenant would consider LEED and what benefits that they receive. If you are interested in tax credits and energy savings, this interview will be of interest to you.Green Building With Real Estate Education

Posted by Jason SCruz. Published on Aug 25, 2009With recent research indicating a growing demand for green buildings, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has taken several vital steps to raise public awareness about its many benefits in the marketplace. In fact, their office building on Capitol Hill was the first newly constructed green building in the District of Columbia, receiving the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.No Meaningful Correction In Hyderabad Real Estate Prices

Posted by James Foster. Published on May 11, 2009Real estate price corrections in Hyderabad being prevented by extensive market inefficiencies, cartels and unscrupulous business practices.Developing Green Housing

Posted by IacchosDeru. Published on May 09, 2009There is one area, though, where we could do to reduce our energy dependence. Housing. As America begins the difficult task of pulling itself out of economic disaster, the time is perfect to make a minor adjustment in housing.Find Peace And Quiet In London

Posted by Frances Van DenBerg. Published on May 08, 2009If you find yourself looking to get away from it all in London, you don't necessarily have to jump on the first train or plane out. London has many hidden jewels which provide quiet respite from noise and traffic.Join The Green Movement By Building Eco Friendly Homes

Posted by KatrinaFill. Published on Mar 04, 2009Going green is the best route to take today. With the environment getting much attention these days, there's no way to go but go green. Thanks to concerned non-profit international organizations that strongly advocate the preservation of the ecosystem, many people are now made aware of their responsibilities for saving our Mother Earth.Going Green In Okotoks Alberta

Posted by JustinHavre. Published on Feb 27, 2009The homes in this very special neighborhood not only have access to a private grass runway and their own airplane hangars, but they're also surrounded by an abundance of open space and a 23-acre reserve of protected land. Here, local plants and wildlife are free to thrive in their natural habitat-and residents can enjoy the view.Eco Friendly House – Build Your Dream!

Posted by SadhnaD. Published on Feb 21, 2009Eco friendly houses are the best choice. These houses are constructed using natural materials. The abrupt climatic changes have given a thought for concern for many. The increasing global temperature is disturbing the whole equilibrium. According to studies, usage of eco-friendly products is known to decrease the harmful effect of poisonous gases.Go to page: Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.