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Books about home and garden fill sections of every bookstore. To choose the best, read our extensive collection of book reviews and other articles pertaining to home and garden subjects. You may find the perfect book for your remodeling idea, landscape planning or home improvement project. Locate a simple guide to simple living, or pick up on a new book about organizing stuff. Scratch the surface and discover volumes on xeriscaping, lighting, window styles, weatherproofing and energy-saving tips, cleaning and maintenance of your house, garden, lawn and furnishings. A good book review will save you the frustration of spending your money for a landscaping or garden design book to discover that all its recommendations won’t work in your climate. It will, however, help you find that practical book on cold-weather koi ponds that you’d always hoped you’d get. If your website or blog focuses on gardening or home life subjects, you can post book reviews from our database for a change of pace. Settle in and make yourself at home…

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Posted by Thackeray Scott. Published on May 20, 2010If you cannot stay without alcohol, it is time you seriously considered alcohol dead diction. But, you have made a good start – the fact that you are reading this proves this.Orange County Garden Centers

Posted by Rogergar. Published on May 04, 2010There are as many ways to construct a new green house garden, and many of them engage minimal effort. In determining which technique to use, always be sure to judge how soon you'd like to construct, but be sure that some of these methods really require endurance.Thinking About The Organic Food Garden Beginners Manual?

Posted by GusLindow. Published on Sep 07, 2009The e-book was created by a woman in Australia by the name of Julie Villani and although our seasons are reversed here in the northern hemisphere the information can be easily adapted to life in the Midwest. There is even a vegetable sowing chart included for the northern and southern hemispheres, and though it may take a moments to figure out how to read the chart the information is still quite useful.The Hypertufa How To Manual – Review

Posted by SebBrown. Published on Aug 06, 2009This article reviews the eBook The Hypertufa How To Manual which is written by Claudia Brownlie. Anyone who is serious about having a beautiful garden should give this book a look over, for you will not be disappointed. Claudia Brownlie is a creative genius!Combine Your Works With Digital Graphic Printing To Create A Good Portfolio

Posted by vipin rana 8446. Published on Jul 18, 2009Before we start getting deep into the meat of this article it's important to explain some standard terminology to make sure the rest of this article makes sense. *An IP address is a number which identifies your location on the Internet. *A blacklist is a list of IP addresses which your antispam software uses to block incoming spam. *A whitelist is the exact opposite of a blacklist.Building A Chicken Coop Ebook – A Review – Is It Any Good?

Posted by TerryGorry. Published on Jul 01, 2009Why build your own coop? Well there are a number of reasons including a plentiful supply of fresh free range eggs, healthy fresh chicken for your table and chickens are great recyclers of food scraps.Want To Get Better At Your Marketing Today?

Posted by Deepak Kotnala. Published on Jun 29, 2009For many service business owners, marketing can be a real mystery. We don't really know exactly how it works. We're not real sure about what works best for us. And probably because of some past frustrations, we're not even sure where to start. Most seem to at least have a notion of what's involved in marketing…a web site, Yellow Pages advertising, brochures, direct mailings, networking, seminars, trade shows, etc. But if that's all it took, wouldn't we all be attracting enough clients?Finding Your Dream Home

Posted by raj thakur. Published on Jun 20, 2009starts with you. That’s a statement that you will have to remember throughout your search for your dream home. The reason is because throughout your journey of finding your dream home, you will find yourself being derailed one time too many. Everyone will want to give you advice on where is the best location, who’s the better realtor, who is better contractor, etcWorld's Best Compost

Posted by ReubenWallis. Published on Apr 01, 2009This book provides us with all the information that we need on creating humus compost. It comes packed with information, diagrams as well as photographs, so we will know just what to do and when to do it. To know , read the review!Room Addition Books

Posted by RyanHope. Published on Mar 22, 2009I was surfing the Internet, the other day and I ran across a website that was selling home building books. It had a very pleasing color scheme and was easy to use. As a website designer myself, I showed this website to a few of my friends, who are interested in home remodeling and repairs. Me and my friends, love to work on our homes and often get together for larger projects, that we can work on together.Go to page: Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Copyright © 2007 – 2010 by, All Rights Reserved.