How do I accumulate PDUs for PMP Certification Renewal

The PMP certification has a validity period of three years. To maintain the validity of their certificate, certificate holders must renew their PMP certification every three years. Today we will discuss why PMP certification renewal is important, what the requirements are, and how to accumulate PDUs. This information can be used as a guide.
The 2021 Purpose of PMP Certification
The PMI PMP certification is a benchmark for project management development activities. It encourages and recognizes individual achievements in study. Re-certification is possible to maintain the PMP certification as an internationally recognized certification. PMI, Project Management Institute has created a complete set Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR). To maintain credit for the certificate, each certificate holder must accumulate at least 60 PDUs. PDU stands for Professional Development Unit.
The requirements for PMP re-certification in 2021
1. Within three years of the date you took the PMP exam, acquire at least 60 PDUs.

2. PMI 150USD maintenance fee to maintain PMP certification validity.

3. Promise that you will uphold the ethics of project management.

Not an annual fee. The fee you pay for the continual management of the next certification cycle is only if your certificate is still valid.
The 2021 Approach to Accumulating PDUs
1.Project management courses at colleges and universities
You will need to provide proof of your passing result by submitting a report card or a report.

2. Whether you are looking for work or self-study
As proofs, you will need to submit activity notes, records, or reading materials with dates. In each CCR cycle, you cannot earn more than 15 PDUs by self-study.

3. PMI Registered Education Providers offers training
Proofs: Study registration forms, relevant proof letters and so forth.

4. Non-PMI Registered Education Providers are responsible for establishing educational activities
Proofs: Study registration forms, relevant proof letters and study materials. Descriptions of project management knowledge, process groups, and the professional level of lecturers involved.

5. Professional organizations and social groups can launch volunteer activities.
Proofs: Letters and certifications that prove you are serving the organization.

It is recommended that you join a professional training institution before you begin taking the PMP exam prep. Online courses and training can help you learn PMI PMP exam content in a more systematic and scientific way. A credible institution offers opportunities to earn PDUs.

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